December 18, 2014

Stick-on bows or ribbons?

That's the question today...which do you prefer?

My mother always used the stick-on bows, because it was easy.  But, much like my love for stationery, my heart has always been with real ribbon, especially when I realized it is reusable.  With the advent of wired ribbon, my love has only deepened...particularly since I could never quite figure out how to make a beautiful bow from regular ribbon.  Until....I stumbled across this video

I LOVE the did we live without it in the good old days?

This video immediately sent me on the hunt for the ribbon mentioned on the video.  Guess what?  I couldn't find it anywhere.  When I Googled it, I discovered that's because the company has been bought.  Of course, despite multiple Googling efforts, I have been unable to discover which Offray ribbon is comparable to the C&G Pattern 800.  So I compromised.  I used something that looked like what she used.  And it worked okay.

Now that I think I've mastered the perfect bow - I've decided that for the family Christmas presents, it's just not that practical since you completely mangle the ribbon undoing the present, but for other gift giving occasions it would be totally appropriate.  Because presentation makes every gift that much more special, don't you think?

As I mentioned above - I absolutely adore the Internet.  It gives me the opportunity to learn how to do all those things I've always wanted to know how to do.  So what about you - what fabulous new thing have you recently learned thanks to the Internet?


  1. Hmmm. I learned a while back how to tie my shoes properly. I can't think of anything right offhand. The bow thing is pretty cool, though. Too bad you can't wrap gift certificates with bows. :-)

  2. I do good to get presents and IF I DO get them, they are lucky to get a gift bag. On the very rare occasion a gift gets wrapped, it gets a stick on bow. Used to do the other stuff, not anymore. Hated to see it all get wadded up and thrown away.

  3. I can never get the stick on bows to stick on, so I usually go with ribbon. But truthfully, it's curling ribbon for me.... I love the glittery curly-Qs spilling over the top of the gift.

    I learn tons of stuff on the internet. Most recently, it's been medical stuff. I find if I do the research before I call the doctor, I can ask better questions... and be convinced I'm dying.