March 14, 2015

How to make your husband feel guilty....

When your husband is the cook in the family and decides to go gallivanting off for the weekend visiting his daughter and leaving you home to fend for yourself...well, sometimes you just have to give him a little nudge.

I found this in the freezer....

And then sent him a text...

That'll teach him to leave me home to fend for myself.


  1. :-) Makin' me laugh here. :-)

  2. My husband doesn't cook, so I can't pull that one. Although, when he goes to visit his mom, I could (but I don't) make him feel guilty about taking her out to eat, or taking her donuts. LOL! He usually calls when he's leaving and asks if I want anything, so I'd be hard pressed to even think about trying! He spoils me and I'm so unworthy.

  3. LOL He should have at least left you with a Chinese take out menu!

  4. My husband is gallivanting off with the guys on Mother's day weekend no less.

    Not sure what kind of mischief the kids and I will get into while he's gone, but it will likely be epic.

    Or I may just nap. A lot. That's good too.