March 14, 2015

The search continues....

I fully expected by now that we would have either found and moved into a house or would be in the process of building one.

Since I am writing this, you are correct to surmise that this hasn't happened.  *sigh*

I believe our Realtor - though not quite ready to give up on us yet - is quite sick of us.  She has apparently, thrown out all the criteria we've given her, with the exception of the price.  I say this because although we were quite clear about where we didn't want to be she continues to send me listings that are in the banned neighborhoods (as I was typing this she just sent me new listings in two of the verboten areas).

I get that we are difficult clients.  I wouldn't want to have us as clients.  We know what we want, where we want and how much we are willing to pay.  The way I look at it, that is a lot of money to spend and, by God, I won't settle.

We have seen exactly one house that was perfect - with the exception of the location and the fact it was sold.  But before the sale went through, we did a walk through with the builder.  We then asked him to go look at the lot that I've had my eye on for over a year.

I knew there were problems with the lot, but I figured they weren't insurmountable.  But apparently they are, as he came back telling us that he wouldn't recommend buying and building on that lot for any reason.  *sigh*

The main stumbling block to building is that I want to be in a neighborhood.  Very few established neighborhoods have lots available.  And the new neighborhoods that are going up are ridiculously expensive and ridiculously large.  It makes me wonder where all these people are working because how in the hell can they afford that?  I think, most likely, these people are living well beyond their means.  I'm frustrated that builder's aren't building smaller, more affordable homes.  Surely, we aren't the only people in this area that are looking for a home that isn't a McMansion.

We saw one house is a fabulous neighborhood...but...(you knew there had to be a but, didn't you?) the kitchen is small and very dated.  The master bath, while updated, feels very cramped.  BUT, everything else is okay.  Except the numbers.  This house, with taxes, HOA dues, etc. is on the high end of our budget, which means that fixing the two VERY costly issues would not be doable for the foreseeable future.

Also?  I don't want to jump on something just because I'm so tired and frustrated with this search.  Particularly as Spring is coming (please, please hurry up and get here!  I'm also tired of coats and cold.) and I know that a fresh batch of houses will hit the market and maybe one of those will be THE ONE.

So, I continue to scour the internet and drive through desirable neighborhoods all weekend long, looking for that perfect house.  The one I'm beginning to believe doesn't exist.


  1. I sure hope it exists, or all my efforts will be for naught. You gotta find it, I just know you will, and soon. That's my hope for you, Gigi. :-)

  2. People move all the time. Perhaps someone will move out of an area you like and from a house that suits your wants. Fingers crossed.