April 22, 2015

Lesson learned. The hard way...as usual.

As we all know, Spring has sprung...well, for most of us anyway.  Let's not even TALK about the fact that the "April showers bring May flowers" saying is proving to be true this year.

With Spring comes the time when most of us put away the tights and boots and prepare to show our bare legs to the world.  Until...we realize that our legs are pasty white and not really ready to show to the world.

So, those of us who care about such things, turn to self tanning products.  Which, surprisingly, seem to work fairly well.

As you can probably surmise from the previous paragraphs, I have been self tanning for the past couple of days; with great results, i.e., I haven't blinded anyone with pasty, white legs yet.

Until...one day I happened to look down at my feet as I was getting dressed.  And there was some kind of weird looking "tan" triangle on my feet.  It took me a minute, or ten, to realize what had happened.

Every day I would slap the self tanner on my legs AND the tops of my feet; and then proceed to get dressed...and put my ballet-shoe type slippers.  I usually wait to put on my shoes until I am walking out the door.

Apparently, no matter how "dry" you think the lotion is, the skirt or pants aren't "hugging" the body quite like the slippers do...

Which pretty much means that I cannot continue to self-tan OR wear sandals until my initial "tan" fades.  Because, yeah, it's THAT noticeable; my husband even said (without me mentioning it) "Your feet look weird."  *sigh*


  1. Oh dear. I am sorry that I smiled, even giggled a little at this. Thanks for cheering me up after an hour on the phone with a technician (not a tanning one). :-)

  2. Girl, you haven't seen pasty white until you've seen me! I haven't been in the sun for two, or three years and I can't do the self tanners because of the chemicals. I'm scary looking! Plus, after the FQs, my hair went all kinky curly... or I should say the hair that didn't fall out! Yikes!