April 27, 2015

Losing my mind...one day at a time.

Yesterday I bought my husband a surprise.  One of those tiny, grow your own basil kits.

I figured he is always complaining about how quickly fresh basil goes bad in the fridge, that this way he could always have fresh basil.

Shortly after presenting him with his "gift," I set it on the counter to deal with later.

Tonight, the Husband was in the kitchen and I was in the dining room and we were discussing something (what we were discussing, who knows?  This will become pertinent later.) and I noticed that the kit was missing.  I asked him what he did with it.  He replied that he didn't know what I was talking about.  I reminded him of his "habit" of hiding things when he "cleans."

He couldn't recall touching the kit.  I reminded him of how well he cleaned the kitchen last night.  Surely, he put the kit somewhere?

After he determined that this mystery was going to drive me crazy, he joined me in my quest to find the kit.  We opened all the cabinets.  We searched the fridge.  We looked in the garage.  We looked in the living area.  We looked in the china cabinet.  We looked in the printer cabinet.  We looked on top of the fridge.

The kit was nowhere to be found.

We were befuddled.

I determined that this would remain a mystery.  Much like the missing steak knife and the missing one quarter measuring cup; both of which have been missing for MONTHS.

And then I wandered into our bedroom.

And, lo and behold!  There was the kit.  Sitting next to the orchid near the window.  And, viola!  I remembered.

At some point last night, I put the kit together and set the pot in the window...and then totally forgot about it.  Totally forgot about it to the point that I was:

A) accusing the Husband of throwing out the kit; or
B) accusing the Husband of hiding the kit; or
C) confident that someone had crept into our house and stealing our kit; or
D) we had a ghost who was playing pranks.

To be honest, at one point, I was putting money on the ghost; because the thought of someone creeping into our house and stealing the kit would have insured that I never slept well in this place again.

Needless to say, this has given the Husband plenty of material with which to tease me.  *sigh*

I may never live this one down.

Now, if only I can figure out where the measuring cup and the steak knife wandered off to....


  1. This is funny! How interesting to think that you did it all along and didn't remember until you saw it sitting here. How much like me you are! I've done that same thing. :-)

  2. OH.NO... IT WAS YOUR FAULT!!! Yep, you're doomed to suffer for that one!

    By the way, that steak knife is in the pizza box you threw out. I don't know where the measuring cup is.

  3. LOL I'm so glad to hear I'm not the only one who is SURE someone is moving my stuff! Seriously, it must be because we are so busy thinking of others that we can't possibly keep track of little things like measuring cups and plants :)