September 9, 2015

Beach bound

Currently, I have THREE posts in my drafts folder (not counting this one) which, for whatever reason, I just cannot seem to push the PUBLISH button on...something must be wrong with me...

Which is why I am happy to declare that as of tomorrow, Man-Child and I are headed to the beach for a long weekend.  And?  This is something I SO desperately need.  Life has been insane, disheartening and pretty much lopsided for a while now.  Between the house hunt (seriously? SERIOUSLY?!  If you would have told me TEN MONTHS ago that we would STILL be looking, I would have thought you were crazy), the whole "transition" thing (which, honestly?  I KNEW would be hard but didn't think it would be THIS hard), which at this point I seriously believe it will be at LEAST two years before everything shakes out and we know what is what; and everything else that life has thrown at us lately....well, let's just say that I NEED this time to contemplate the waves and relish in the one on one time with my boy. that one paragraph, I was able to sum up those other three drafts.  Maybe I should just delete them and have one less thing hanging over my head?

MC and I have tried hard over the years to spend some one on one time together every year.  Since he's been in college that has been kind of hard as he tries to work over the summer to rack up as much cash as he can.  This past summer found him interning (unpaid) for one of the local college football teams (which we whole-heartedly encouraged him to do.  Since his major is in Physical Education this will look SO good on his resume) AND working as many hours as he could for the company that hired him last year. And then he went scurrying back to his school home early, because he had landed a job up there.

Finally, I put my foot down and said "ENOUGH!"  We need to take this time.  He needs a break and I definitely need a break.

So tomorrow, after he skips his last class (not my idea, by the way) and he makes his way home, we will be headed off to the beach for two...maybe three, days of pure relaxation. We will eat FAR too much, because this boy of mine demands meals every three to four hours (who else eats this way, other than growing boys?). we will laugh, at times we will argue (we always do), we will play miniature golf and most of all, we will spend time with each other.

Something I think we both could use right about now.

And...I'm hitting PUBLISH before I think too much about it. *dusts hands* One less thing to think about.


  1. Enjoy your long weekend, your boy, your time and the beach!

  2. Thanks Ms. A!! Hope all is well with you

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  4. Yay! it seems like it's been forever since you just relaxed. hope that is just what happens. Sending you BIG virtual hugs. :-)

  5. It HAS been forever!! I've got to quit letting time slip away from me like that. Your message came through JUST as we pulled into the hotel. I'm taking that as a sign that this will be a great weekend. Have a great one yourself.

  6. The beach, your boy and down time. Sounds lovely. Enjoy!

  7. I'm so glad you hit publish! And even happier to hear you are headed to the beach for some quality time with your boy. Enjoy every single second and I hope you both come back feeling fabulous and re-freshed!


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