August 24, 2015

Obsessive much? Yes, but....POCKETS!

I don't know about you, but I am ALL about pockets...especially on the weekends.

Why?  Because on the weekends I carry a teeny, tiny so teeny tiny that it basically only holds my wallet.  As opposed to the gigantic one I carry during the work week that will hold everything I MIGHT need and then some.

Now, in summers of old I usually wore t-shirts and shorts all summer, every weekend.  And shorts usually come with pockets.  This summer, however, I have shunned the shorts and t-shirt look for several reasons.  One being that I felt frumpy in them.  And the other being that trying to find a pair of shorts that are age appropriate AND flattering has become damn near impossible...have you SEEN the hoochie shorts that are currently being sold?!  So this summer I have switched to summer dresses and skirts.  The result?  I feel better and look more pulled together.  But, the downside is that not many dresses and skirts have pockets.  How have I arrived at this conclusion?  By a VERY scientific study...I have five casual, summer dresses (only one skirt and it has pockets) and of the five only ONE has I said - very scientific study.

Once I acquired the one dress with pockets, I was obsessed.  I began hunting every store I could think of looking for dresses or skirts with pockets.  There were none to be had.

And then one day, my denim dress (which the Husband HATES with a passion) came up with a noticeable bleach spot on it...yes, I AM giving the Husband the side-eye here...he claims he's innocent but I cannot remember the last time I've dealt with bleach enough for it to splash onto my clothing..and an idea bloomed...

"Surely, it can't be THAT hard to add pockets...right??"  Yes, I guess I am an optimist in that I am always convinced that "it can't be THAT hard to do (insert your project here - add a pocket, knock out a wall, install a roof, replace a transmission....)!"

So I did what every other self-respecting American would do.  I Googled it.

I came across several links (here, here and here) which told me that it was easy-peasy to add side pockets to your garments.  Armed with this knowledge, I began to rip the seams in that bleach stained dress (because I had to toss it anyway, I figured it could be my dry run).

Here's what those links didn't tell me.  If you are not a seamstress and you don't know your way around the sewing machine that is currently collecting dust in your closet; this is NOT so easy-peasy after all.

But, I was determined.

After putting in, and ripping out, pockets at least five times, the denim dress was completely ruined...BUT I thought I had the fundamentals down.

So I pulled out one of my least favorite dresses and prayed.

And I think I got it.  Currently, this dress has one pocket.  By next weekend it may have another.  But I wouldn't want anyone to get an up close look at my work (hence, no pictures).  BUT, I have a place to put my keys and my phone.  I call that a win.

Am I ready to start ripping stitches out of my favorites?  Not yet.  I need some more practice.

In the meantime, I think I might start calling alteration places to see how much it would cost to have them put in - considering how "easy-peasy" this is - to a seamstress - I think it might be doable.

And?  Kudos to those sites linked above.  You gave me the courage to rip apart my clothes.

As for you?  Yes, you CAN do it...even if you are as sewing-challenged as I am - but, like me, you need to practice, practice, practice.


  1. I too love to have pockets in my dress to carry small things instead of having a small pouch in our hand. I am very careless that i used to often keep my mobile phone somewhere...

    1. Which is exactly what I'm afraid of...which is why I crave pockets! Now..if only the clothing designers would oblige.

  2. Might be easier to add a coordinating fabric and do an external pocket.

    Good for you for giving it a go!

    1. It would be easier but I prefer the side pockets. They just seem so much sleeker and less obtrusive.

  3. You are brave! Good job, I may try now!

    1. Do it!! I have a feeling that once you do you will have a few, key tips to share with me!

  4. I currently own a "dressy" dress with no where to wear it, simply because it has pockets! I had to have it. Had to. And I'm with you, I so can't wear shorts and Ts anymore so have embraced the maxi dress, for me they hide a multitude of sins. :)

  5. I am a seamstress.

    I do not rip seams out of clothes I paid perfectly good money for. It's never the same, and never, ever better than when I first fell in love with it.

    But I do truly hope that you have success with your pocket endeavor.

  6. I have no idea how to sew. If I tried, I'd ruin my things.