November 24, 2015

Thanksgiving prep...

I am grateful, as I am every year, that I don't have to produce the Thanksgiving feast.  My dear Husband is in charge of that end of the day.  If it were left up to me, the whole thing would be catered because I am not about to attempt to cook a turkey!

My duties for Thanksgiving include dessert making...

Two down; one to go! that end the napkins and table runner are ironed and ready to go.


If it weren't for the fact that our only dining room table serves as a desk and a place to eat, I would have ironed the table cloth and set the table.  But since this table is currently in use as I type this quick post, it will have to wait until Thursday, where I am positive I will forget to take a picture because that's how my brain works.

Actually, the whole decorating the table thing is usually a moot point because once dinner is ready to be served, the Husband will look at the table and kindly ask that I "remove all that hair" from the table so that he can sit the serving dishes on the table.  *sigh*

But at least for a short while, our guests will have the pleasure of knowing that I set the table especially in their honor.

Tomorrow I will figure out the centerpiece ("the hair") and do the majority of the cleaning (another one of my chores that I do, not quite so happily, but with a smile as it's just another reason I don't have to do all the hard work that Thanksgiving entails!!).

Today was quite the productive day, as it found me cycling through pie making, ironing, a little bit of Christmas shopping, a little bit of cleaning that ended with the standing on my tippy-toes (quite unsteadily, I might add) on top of Man-Child's bed attempting to clean his ceiling fan.  I think, from now on, that particular ceiling fan will be delegated to someone who is at least two inches taller than me.

As I take a break to type this, the Husband has come home and is now slaving away in the kitchen trying to get his Thanksgiving prep underway.

So how is your Thanksgiving prep coming along?


  1. Those pies look amazing! I love to do the baking as well, that turkey gets me every time!

  2. No cooking around here. Guess we'll be eating out, just not sure where.

  3. We have salmon given to me by my fisherman friend, a squash casserole, and a huge salad. That's it, and I've got the ingredients all at the ready. This time, I'm also going to bake a sugar pumpkin so we can nibble on it if we want. :-)