January 11, 2016


Despite the last post, which makes it seem like I have been super productive, I must admit....I have actually been spending all the time I have between packing either perusing home decor blogs, Pinterest, Houzz and any and all stores that carry housewares and dreaming.

I have been restraining myself from buying ALL THE STUFF that I think I might want/need for the new house.

To be honest, the only thing holding me back is the fact that I don't want to pack or move anything I don't have to!  Plus, I think I need to get into the house.  Look at it.  Live with it.  And then figure out where I want to take things.

One of the best pieces of advice I keep seeing/reading is that the Number One thing that you should do when you move into a new place is to wait and see how you use the space.  That if you jump in and start making major changes you are bound to make mistakes...possibly VERY expensive mistakes.

Considering we still have some more college expenses to get through for the next year, we cannot afford very expensive mistakes.

So, I've been restraining myself.

And I'm not gonna lie...it's been difficult.  Particularly when I keep seeing images like these....

This might work for the new house!:
A lovely desk...would fit perfectly next to the fireplace.
Or this....

Possibility for the kitchen!:
This would be perfect in that little nook in the kitchen

Or this...

Wouldn't this be a wonderful oasis?:
Wouldn't that be a beautiful oasis to have right in your own backyard?
I could fill this post with SO many images, yes, I've been "pinning" like crazy; all while daydreaming about the possibilities.

Since I'm in daydream mode, what about you?  What what would you do - right now - to improve your living space if money (or rental restrictions) were no object?


  1. I'd just be happy to have mine cleaned!

  2. Those are beautiful pictures, and I can see how you could get lost in all of those wonderful items. I stay away from Pinterest for that reason. But if money were no object, I'd definitely like to have that garden scene! :-)

  3. Love these images X I have so much to do, I can't go near Pinterest ! Himself would get no peace at all...

  4. Money's no option? Add a second floor.

    Money's kind of an option? cathedral the living room ceilings, put in two skylights and figure out how to add a second bathroom.

    A girl can dream right?