February 14, 2016

Eight days in...

A week ago we "officially" moved.  By "official" I mean that we actually started sleeping here.

But the actual move started a week before that which saw us ferrying boxes between the rental and the house.  SO much ferrying!

We had both taken the Friday before and the Monday/Tuesday off...thank God.  By Monday we were completely sick of each other and of moving, so we took Tuesday off from moving and dealt with regular life details, such as putting new tires on my car (oh joy, an added expense to the already stretched budget).

There were SO many moments that should have been recorded for posterity - but what can I say...they weren't.

But, we are in.  The rental was relinquished today - not without some kind of insanity, of course.  After the stress of the actual move last Saturday we agreed, there was no way we had it in us to go back to clean the rental.  So we hired someone to come in to clean the unit.  Yesterday we went back to the unit to make sure that the cleaning was up to par and to leave the keys/garage door openers.

The cleaning crew did an excellent job.  As we walked through the unit, we were pleased.  When I walked into the guest bath, we noticed that we had left behind a bath mat.  As I went to pick it up, I noticed it was sopping wet!  I turned on the light and found that the floor was covered with water!  Cue the sinking feeling of horror while I assumed the pipes had frozen or something more dire.

After cleaning up the mess, we couldn't find a leak or evidence of frozen pipes - much to our relief.  We turned the water off to the toilets in both bathrooms, just in case, let the landlord know and walked away.

Now onto the stuff you may (or may not - and if not, then why are you here reading this?) want to know...I LOVE this little house!

Yes, the very same house that has the teeny tiny living room.  The one where I still don't know where to put the Christmas tree but we'll figure that out next Christmas.

I love the color we picked out.  It's almost perfect.  If I had to do it over, I'd go a titch darker but really, it's pretty close to perfect.  One day I'll even get around to posting pictures....you know once all the boxes are unpacked and everything is "prettified."  Which, at this rate, may well be around next Christmas.

Despite the copious amount of cabinets, it seems we are running short on kitchen storage.  That may be because The Husband requires what I consider to be too much stuff/food for a kitchen.  He insists that it is all "necessary."  Which, to be fair, is the same argument I have regarding my shoes.  We have worked out a plan to add some cabinetry (eventually) to the garage for the overflow and the things that aren't used on a daily basis.

The master bedroom appears to be the one room that I should have been the most concerned about.  When we viewed this house we noticed they had a king size bed in there and it fit comfortably, ours is a queen so we figured it was all good.  What we did not notice was that they didn't have ginormous furniture like we have, nor did their bed have a headboard AND a footboard.  This all became glaringly apparent on move in day when the mover's placed the bed where I wanted and we discovered that the door wouldn't close.  I made some quick calculations and relocated the bed and the armoire and realized that there was no way we would be able to get the dresser or the highboy into the room.

Now, I had already planned to use the highboy in one of the other bedrooms, that I had appropriated as my closet since the master closet is ridiculously tiny.  Once The Husband's clothes went in it was apparent that there was no way the two of us could use this closet.  The builder should be ashamed to call that a walk in closet.  At any rate, once I realized that the dresser wouldn't fit in the master we made the call to move the dresser into the other bedroom.  Now I just need to figure out how to move The Husband's clothes from the dresser into the master.

Details, details.  It will all be sorted out in time.  But even with these details, I'm loving this house.  I'm loving that it's not too big and yet, not too small.  As Goldilocks once said, "It's just right."

We have many, many ideas for the future.  Changing the exterior trim color from cream to white.  A possible tiny expansion which would make the living room and master just a tad bigger - which could also lead to a reconfiguration of the master bath and closet.  The kitchen, while certainly livable, may face a renovation a long, long, long time down the road.  The bonus room will eventually become a Media Room for The Husband and Man-Child.  Although, I have informed The Husband that our current television would be perfect up there and a smaller one could be found for the living room - he disagrees.  Methinks he is on the hunt for an even larger television. *sigh*

Some of the above ideas may never come to fruition and that's okay, because in this house we feel like we are home.  Like we are where we were meant to be and it's all good.

Finally.  After all my grousing...I have my house.  And I am happy.  WE are happy.  And that's a good feeling to have, especially on Valentine's Day.


  1. I am so happy for you! It's been a long hard struggle but here you are, and lots of wonderful household adventures ahead. :-)

  2. Congratulations! Best wishes for many happy years in your new house! I am cuurently selling my BIG ass house to buy one that is more managable for my now widowed status. Not looking forward to doing it myself, but a small home is easier to take care of.
    Hope you have a lot of laughs and love in yours!

  3. Anxious to see pictures! Leave it to you to already be planning changes!

  4. Yeay you're in xxxx looking forward to pics

  5. Awe yes, as you said the details will be sorted out in time. So happy to hear you are now happily in your house and I can't wait to see pictures! Welcome home!

  6. Congrats on achieving a new milestone in your life.

    Best wishes,

    Jerry (previously known as Gently Said)