March 1, 2016

New Routines...and coming full circle.

Currently I am sitting on my new-to-me back porch in the dark tapping away on the neglected notebook.

The past few days have been gorgeous weather-wise, but I keep forgetting that I have a back porch to retreat to as needed.

The townhouse/condo/cluster house (whatever it was that we were renting) had an teeny tiny outdoor space that looked out onto the main road that ran in front of our place...with a side view to the crossing street.  As a result, I never sat out there as I felt I was on display for the whole neighborhood to see.  This back porch looks out over our back yard which abuts up to land covered in trees.  If I get up and look over I can see the neighbor's houses - which come spring will barely be visible.  I'm loving that I remember I have an outdoor retreat.

One of the concerns about moving back out here was my commute.  I reminded The Husband that I did that commute for ten years without complaint.  And it still isn't terrible.  I could probably be in town in about 30 minutes flat...except I'm famous for stopping here and there before I actually get to where I'm going.  Which, when compared to the commute I had when living in the Houston area is nothing really.

Although, I have changed my work hours to miss some of the traffic.  It has increased quite a bit since we last lived out here.  And it has made a huge difference but...

It has necessitated a new routine.  Back in the day, when we first lived out here, I would wake up super, super early to wash and dry my hair, read the paper and have my coffee, somehow miraculously getting the boy to school and myself to work on time.  After living closer to town for the last few years, I've been able to sleep in a bit more.  I've discovered that I really don't want to get up super, super early anymore.  So to still have my paper/coffee routine I must wash/dry the hair the night before.  I have a feeling before all is said and done, I will give up on the drying part and just live with the crazy curls...I'm beginning to think that life is far too short to be spent drying my hair.

We still haven't gotten around to "finishing" the house, so no pictures yet.  I've discovered that a good bit of my decor doesn't quite work in this house for some reason.  I can't decide if it's the light, the paint or if I'm just in need of something different, which well may be the case as I went with gray paint and not my usual earth tones.  But no matter the reason, I've decided that I'm going to take it slow and add in only things that I absolutely love;which I will share as it comes together.

So here I am...back to where we started (almost) when we moved to North Carolina all those years ago...and here I am back to where this blog pretty much started...on the back porch.

And I'm happy about both of those things.


I'm also remembering why I stopped using the notebook to craft posts...crazy slow.  I'm sensing another new routine in the very near future...


  1. After 39 years in the same place, I can't even imagine anything different... or even updated.

  2. I am in paint hell, I am 8 tester pots in and still not one of them is a grey I can live with, its testing the goodwill in our marriage and himself would pick any 1 of the damn 8 as he says they all look the same to him, I feel your pain xx

  3. I'm so glad you're ensconced in the home you wanted for so long. I look forward to pictures when the time comes. No hurry. :-)

  4. I keep thinking I shouldn't do anything else here... and then I think I'm never moving so...

    Regardless, I'm waiting until spring. We need to tile the bathroom surround and I want to finally build a real built in for the bedroom.

    And then I remember how tired I am... and how nice it is to sit in the sun on the back patio... and yeah...


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