November 27, 2016

Name my room...

:gasp: I know!  THREE posts in less than two weeks?!  Sometimes I amaze even myself.

The productive streak that was mentioned in the last post seems to continue.  I have to wonder just how long it will last?

Today found me snapping up a few more Christmas gifts and feeling very proud of myself.  And then, I found myself home alone - a rarity indeed - and decided that I should at least start to tackle my dressing room/closet/whatever it is you call a room you have commandeered for your clothes and shoes (what say you? Dressing room? Closet? Her Majesty's Room of Clothes?).

Remember those boxes that found their way from Man-Child's room to my room way back in September?  They were still sitting in my room.  Along with three other boxes that had never been dealt with.

Today was the day that I decided to tackle those boxes AND the closet in this room.  To be honest, the closet wasn't in too bad of shape - but I figured I needed to pull down my winter scarves, etc. to make them more accessible as the weather continues to plod toward winter.  I was able to deal with three boxes easily.  I still have two boxes sitting here filled with old photos, etc.

I figure the baby pictures of Man-Child can be tossed because I know that I have copies.  It's the other pictures and mementos that I'm having a harder time deciding how they need to be dealt with.  I'm thinking for the photos that I don't have copies of I'll take out of their frames and put in an album.  The other stuff needs more thought as they are precious but not needed or necessary - such as the personalized sampler that a friend made and framed for Man-Child's birth that outlines his name, birth date, weight, etc.  In my heart of hearts, I know this is not something he will want but at the same time how can I just heartlessly toss it?

Although those two boxes are still sitting in here, having gotten the rest of it squared away I realized just what a resource I have in this little room.  I have a comfy chair, I have a door and I have some quiet.  And that is why you are reading this.  I have a room that I can escape too occasionally.  To think.  To write.  Am I writing great prose? No.  But I am exercising that creative muscle - which frankly needs some exercise.

This room is far from finished.  I still need to clear the Christmas gifts from the dresser - but you and I both know that until those gifts are wrapped and sent off to their recipients; it is there they will stay.  My shoe storage system is woefully ugly - but useful.  I still have a few prints sitting on the floor awaiting a decision as to whether they will be hung, stored or given away.

But that's okay.  I've discovered my room.  And I love it.  Now let's figure out what we should call it; because I'd like to think I'm going to be spending a lot more time in here.

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  1. How about your studio? That is broad but also sounds like it's yours alone. I can never go through boxes of mementos, I get too wrapped up in them and times flies right on by. :-)