December 3, 2016

Is it still Christmas if there isn't a tree?

Yes, I know the reason for the season - but still, we generally do up the house for Christmas with all the usual trappings up to and including a tree.  Even when we were in the tiny condo - we had a tree.  Even when we moved into said condo exactly three weeks before Christmas, we had a tree.

This year, sadly, it is looking like there will not be a tree. *sob*  I've never had a Christmas without a tree.  This annoys and saddens me to no end.

This morning the boys went off to do something so I pulled out my boxes and began happily decorating the front porch, my mantle and tucking in festive touches here and there.  When they came home, we spent the majority of the morning rearranging the living room in hopes of finding a spot for the tree.  We failed.

I left the house frustrated in search of battery operated candles with a timer, which also exasperated me as I have plenty of window candles with cords that have the sensor in them to turn them off and on.  But can I use them? No.

Because of the five windows facing the street only ONE of them is anywhere near an outlet - of course.  Luckily I did find the candles - but am dubious about how well they are going to work.  I've held onto my receipt just in case.  If they don't work that will be the final nail in the coffin on this holiday season - because along with the tree we always have candles in the windows.

Yes, I am a big believer in tradition.  And one by one all of our traditions are falling by the wayside.

While I was out I did have the brilliant idea that if we moved the TV, etc. upstairs we could shove a tree in that little corner of the living room.  The Husband nixed that idea immediately because he's a Grinch who would rather not be inconvenienced when watching TV than having a tree.

The only other areas that could accommodate a tree is the kitchen (never gonnna happen - how ridiculous is that?), our bedroom (nope - for the same reason) or the back porch - where at least we would get to see the tree from the living room - but honestly; how would the decorations hold up in the elements?

So unless some amazing idea comes up within the next day or so - we will be without a tree come Christmas morning.  I KNEW this was going to be an issue when we bought this house - I just didn't realize how big of an issue it was going to become.

At this point, I'm practically ready to pack all the decorations I put out this morning away and just forget about the whole damn thing; that's how annoyed I am right now.

What a way to start the Christmas season - annoyed and frustrated to the point of tears.


  1. look on pinterest for "wooden ladder trees" its not a real tree and I hesitate to even type this comment. We are going to try and do this type of "tree this year. I am not a decorating person :(

  2. One year when we were really broke I used green yarn to make a tree on the wall. We put decorations on it as best we could, and I do think because it was so unusual we remember it very well. I laughed when my son found some sticky corn pads and made them into ornaments. :-)