January 9, 2017

NC DOT - you can expect a call from me tomorrow and it's your own fault.

As I mentioned in my last post, we've been snowed in.  Today was the third day of the incarceration.

The Husband was able to make it out to work but told me to stay home as the roads in our neighborhood weren't safe.  So being the good, little wife that I am, I stayed home.  So having eyes in my head that could see the street in front of the house but little else, I stayed home.  And slowly went insane.

When he came home this evening, I insisted that he get me out of this house, even for just a few minutes.  He obliged and took me to the grocery store two minutes up the street - it took at least ten.  I almost wish he hadn't.  I knew that the bit in front of our house was bad but I had no idea just HOW bad the rest of the roads were.  Once we made it to the main road it was fine but the roads in our neighborhood and one of them getting out were solid sheets of ice.  I had my eyes closed the whole time - it was terrifying.

The return trip was even worse as we had to turn around because of an accident and go another way which involved several steep hills covered in ice while maneuvering around several large Duke Energy trucks parked in the street.

I can already tell that I won't be going to work tomorrow either.

And this was after the NC DOT came through yesterday and "plowed."

Well, whomever they sent in should be ashamed of themselves - these roads were NOT plowed in any way shape or form.

At first, I thought since they didn't get to us until late yesterday that they'd be back today.  They have not.

Which brings us to the WHY of me having to give them a call.

Our little town does not have the resources to remove snow and ice and so it is the responsibility of the NC DOT according to our town website.

So upon returning home (safely, thank God!) I went to the NC DOT webpage.  I clicked on the Contact Us button as I couldn't find a complaint form or a service request form.  And started typing.  I wasn't being long-winded but wanted to explain where we were and what the problems we were having.  And then...I couldn't type anymore.  I physically couldn't type anymore.  Apparently, I'd hit the character limit, which was ridiculously short.

So I looked up the phone number and as it's well after 5:00 pm, tomorrow I will have to actually pick up the phone, navigate an infuriating phone tree to get to a human to explain the problem, once I've done all that navigating, I will be frustrated and bad tempered.

And to be honest?  That irritates me more than the shoddy "plowing."


  1. Sigh. I guess it's because you don't usually have such weather that they are so incompetent. You are probably not the first to call, and you won't be the last. I would be upset, too. :-(

  2. Oh, baby! I would go stir-crazy too! We only have rain here and I have just a little cabin fever. (I can't go outside as I would melt!) Hang in there, my friend.

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