January 29, 2017

Searching for the impossible...the story of my life

This weekend found me scrambling all over town - I'm hosting a baby shower brunch next week and am in need of supplies.

Man-Child also requested that I search out some Frisbees for his classes.  Did you know that you can't just walk into any old store at the tail end of January and find a plethora of Frisbees?  I didn't but I do now.  Apparently, this is more of a "summer" activity.  Who knew?

Truth be told I spent more time searching for the flying discs than anything else.  I finally located some and promptly bought their entire meager inventory.  And upon returning home was pressed into helping him perfect his throw - because the teacher needs to remember how to do it perfectly before he can start to teach.  I am also woefully out of shape because the 30 minute exercise of walking all over our huge yard to retrieve the disc that never quite made it to my hands (except for the one that hit my hand and ricocheted up to hit my nose) wore me out.  But, it was fun.  We may need to make this into a regular activity...acting like kids out in the yard.

This weekend also found me in search of the perfect coffee cake recipe.  So far, I've made two.  The first one looked perfect and the crumbly struesel topping was delicious, the cake itself? Meh.  The second cake looked anemic and lacked the crumbly struesel topping but was amazing.  Now I find myself looking to make another cake tomorrow - third times the charm, right?

I think I have found a recipe that will fill the bill but who knows...at this rate I'll be making a cake every night this week until I find one that I deem perfect enough for this shower.  Do you have a tried and true recipe that you want to share?  Please?


  1. Apparently, you're not an Amazon Prime addict, or you would have just gone here.

    And Jennifer Murch has what looks like a good recipe for crumb cake...and she is also a delightful blogger!

  2. I also would have gone right over to Amazon To buy those frisbees. Sorry I can't help with the coffee cake recipe, bit I know you'll fine just the right one! :-)