April 3, 2017

Amazon Prime Pantry - it's becoming a game really

I simply cannot tell you how much time I have spent adding items to the Prime Pantry box, only to delete and add something else.  All in the quest to fill this box - and ONLY this box - to the perfect limit in order to qualify for free shipping.

It's an art.  One that I have not yet honed.

Currently, my box is 98.2% full.  According to the helpful note under this statistic, I need THREE more qualifying items for the free shipping (is this that Common Core Math they keep talking about - it seems to me that only one item would do the trick?).

Here's the deal - I have added and subtracted fifteen thousand different ways and have yet to hit upon that magic number.  At this rate, I'll either have to get in the car and drive to the store to get what I need OR I'll have to attempt to fill the second box to perfection; which between you and me?  I don't like my odds on filling that second box considering how difficult that first box has been to fill.

Yes, I realize this could be considered the epitome of lazy BUT I figure I have been VERY busy this weekend helping our dear friends move to the house two doors down, VERY tired from said weekend AND I'm paying for the membership to Prime, so why shouldn't I take full advantage of my membership?

Besides, I'm thinking this will surely help me work on my math skills; which are sorely lacking...obviously.

Do you Prime Pantry?  If so, what is the trick to filling that ONE box?  C'mon, be a pal, help me out.

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  1. I have done this same math equation. I have managed it twice---and each time took MANY MANY SESSIONS of searching, adding, subtracting.

    The issue with the "items for free shipping" is that CERTAIN items, if there are five of them in your box, will cause your box to be shipped for free. So you have to find the section for the items that qualify, and choose five of them for your box, or else there's something like a $5.99 shipping charge. You must have TWO such items in your box already (they'll be marked not-very-noticeably with a "free shipping" designation), so now you need three more. Which of course will push the total over the limit, so other things will have to be taken out, and then you will pull out your hair and run screaming into the sea and who could blame you.

    I seriously cannot believe that the average person is able to sit there making a box come out exactly perfect to a tenth of a percentage point, and that this is a convenience. The ONLY thing I can think of is that after awhile it must become natural, or that people get used to it. Even after the first box, I had a few things that were, say, .2% of a box, and I could add a couple more to make the box come out right.