July 7, 2017

"You Want to Tell Me Why There is a Cart Full of Weeds in the Garage?"

How did I know that those would be the first words out of The Husband's mouth when he came home today?

These are the weeds in question / well look at that...
I actually have a picture to accompany this post!

I knew because I know him so well.  So I had a response ready, "You should THANK me for those weeds."

Today, I decided to finally tackle the weeds in the little bed around the mailbox.  Well, I should clarify that to say, I finally noticed just how bad the little bed around the mailbox had become and determined that I would take care of that today.

So I headed out with my trusty little spade and garden gloves.  As bad as it looked, I figured this would be an hour long job at the most...famous last words.  Eventually, I had to give in and go get the shovel and some water.

As I weeded and tossed the weeds into the grass, I noticed that the guy across the street was mowing his grass.  About two hours later, I noticed he'd finished but was still puttering in his yard...at this point I figured he was hanging out just to make sure I didn't pass out in the street.  Right about then I decided it would be a good idea to go inside and cool off.  And get more water.

Once I had lowered my body temperature enough, I headed back outside to finish the job.  Finally, about THREE hours after I started, I was done.  I surveyed my work and was satisfied.  I gathered my tools and headed back to the garage.  And was faced with THE CART.

The Cart's existence came to be because of my weeding "habit."  Generally, I will be the one to pull weeds - I rarely ask The Husband for assistance because that kind of yard work is something he despises.  And while I also despise it, I know it needs to get done and I don't despise it AS much as he does.  But much to his chagrin, I generally fight the weeds and throw them into the grass.  And then leave them there.

My thinking is that I have done the hard work and that when he mows the yard they get chopped up.  Yes, I realize this is a flawed way of thinking but it works for me.  The Husband bought The Cart with the hopes that I would toss my weeds into it and dump them in the woods.

But in my zeal to rid that small bed of the weeds, I had walked right by The Cart several times and it never clicked - until I walked into the garage as I was finished.  I'll admit freely that I was sorely tempted to just keep walking until I hit the shower.  But I forced myself to drag the cart back down the driveway and I picked up ALL the weeds that I'd tossed into the yard and tossed them into The Cart.

By this point, I was so close to heat exhaustion that I couldn't face pushing The Cart to the back of the yard to dump them so I left them in the garage.  Again, figuring that I had done all the hard work AND picked up the waste...so to my way of thinking, I had gone above and beyond the call of duty.

And that is why The Husband owes me a thank you - one I have yet to receive AND we still have a cart full of weeds in the garage.  Maybe he'll get to that tomorrow...fingers crossed.  But the mailbox area is weed free - so I'm happy.


  1. I actually like to weed when I get to see the results, but then again, it 's not that hot here. I think you should get a medal for doing it when you don't like it all that much! :-)

  2. Ugh, weeds. I'm grateful that tank has a landscaping business and he's recently expressed an interest in weeding and planting in OUR yard. Yippee. Of course he just wants a phone, but we'll worth it.

    As far as the husband, yes he should thank you. We just boarded a plane for new orleans. My husband came home AFTER I packed everything, organized everything, and managed to bring most of our meals, . . And he asked if I knew how we were getting to the airport. Seriously!!! Feel free to handle SOMETHING!