October 13, 2017

A little bit of fun...

Due to random events, I was recently reminded that I have a FaceBook page tied to this blog (come find me - but I can't promise I'll remember to check it...) ...yes, I had forgotten.  Hey, if I ignore my personal FaceBook it stands to reason that I've ignored the blog FaceBook; right?!

At any rate, I found myself over there today and came across a status update from a blogger that I love (unfortunately, she hasn't blogged in a while *sad face* but I am hopeful she will return eventually; in fact I'm positive she will return one day, she is too talented not to.) that said, "Just for fun, ask Siri what you should be for Halloween."

As we all know, I shun all things Apple, so I turned to the android version, and asked my phone, "Okay Google...what should I be for Halloween?"

I especially love how she interrupts our conversation
to answer the door to some trick-or-treaters....

I also love that she (of course Google is a she; why do you ask?  She has ALL the answers) wants to continue the conversation!  So I played along...but, of course, a bit later after I realized this could be blog material and had to ask her again...

I replied yes, and then she asked about obtaining a
brain for a demanding boss and wondered if I'd comply or
find another job...yes I failed to screen shot that portion...sue me

Umm, I think I need a different costume...but what about you?  How does Siri or Google respond when you ask you should be for Halloween?


  1. I am not hip enough to know how to ask Google anything. Linking a facebook page to my blog - well, there's another challenge I am not capable of. Whether Siri likes it or not, I am planning to go as Pokey and husband as Gumby. Coach is very tall and I always wanted to turn him into Gumby. I made the costumes a few years ago, but our usual party was cancelled. I warned him last year we could go as White Sox players - since there was lots of hype about the cubs (Yuck!), but that meant this year we are destined to be Gumby and Pokey. It is hard for him to wear and visit the bathroom regularly -which he will require since the costume is embarrassing, he will drink. Possibly a lot. I might post a photo on my blog if it actually happens. I'm guessing Gumby/Pokey isn't a suggestion google would've spit out. Ever.

  2. I'm not much into Halloween costumes these days. There was a time, though, when I always dressed up. I've never asked my computer to help with the task. Maybe I'll give it a shot and see what happens. That was a strange conversation with Google. I hate clowns, BTW. :-)