October 8, 2017

Caroline: Little House, Revisited (book review)

I first learned about this book's existence because June mentioned it on her blog.  I loved Little House on the Prairie when I was a child - both the books and the television show...although, to be honest I remember more about the television show than the books - so I was intrigued enough to buy it.

Caroline: Little House, Revisited by Sarah Miller arrived on Wednesday.  I tried to pick it up and read Wednesday night but found that I was just too tired.  The same could be said for the remainder of the work week.  I was disappointed because I really was excited about it.  Eventually, I found myself ensconced in my chair with the book for all of Saturday afternoon and again this afternoon, until now as I finished it.

A blurb on the jacket states:

"Sarah Miller vividly re-creates the beauty, hardship, and joy of
the frontier in this dazzling work of historical fiction, a captivating story
that illuminates one courageous, resilient, and loving pioneer woman as never
before - Caroline Ingalls, "Ma" in Laura Ingalls Wilder's beloved Little House books."

This book was authorized by The Little House Heritage Trust and I can see why - I loved it.  I don't need to explain the plot of this story, as I imagine most of you reading, either saw the television show or read the books.  If you loved it when you were young then I think you would most definitely like this book.  The Little House books were told from Laura's point of view and this book tells it from Caroline's; and tells it very well.

I will say the ending kind of shocked me but that's because I am mainly remembering the television show, but it made perfect sense that it ended the way it did.

I can also honestly say, that I could not have done it.  ANY of it.  I seriously would have died before we even got to where we were going.  The trip to Kansas was dangerous and harrowing.

No, I am very happy to have been born in an age where there are cars, washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, etc.  And especially the internet.


  1. FLUSH TOILETS. Can't live without 'em...

  2. If I didn't already have four books in print to read, and a couple on my Kindle, I'd be tempted, Gigi. You make it sound like a good read, so I'll keep it in mind for later. :-)