November 18, 2017

A different Thanksgiving this year.

Long time readers will know that generally, every year we host Thanksgiving for dear friends that are also far from family.

This year, those friends - who are close enough to be considered family - are going "home" for the holiday to celebrate and deal with family issues.

This news wrought much havoc in this household.  Not that we begrudge them for not being here - we are so happy that they will be going home and dealing with the issues that must be dealt with - but...this leaves just the three of us.  And while The Husband loves to cook, a full-on Thanksgiving meal for three is just too much to ask of him and, honestly?  Cleaning up a full-on Thanksgiving dinner for just three is too much to ask of me.

So I threw a wild and crazy idea out there figuring it would wither on the vine.  I suggested that we go out for Thanksgiving dinner.  The Husband was on board, surprisingly.  We figured the sticking point would be Man-Child.  This boy man is ALL about tradition...and food.  He agreed, albeit reluctantly but he warmed to the idea.

Last weekend, I began casting around for local restaurants that would be serving a traditional Thanksgiving dinner and found quite a few.  What I wasn't expecting?  That most of those would already be full of reservations.  Who knew?  Going out for Thanksgiving is a "thing" here.  Luckily, I was able to secure one of the last available reservations in town.

After making the reservation, *I* began to have reservations.  So I texted Man-Child asking if he wanted me to make a dessert - you know, just to hold onto a piece of tradition.  His response?

So, it's nice to know that at least ONE tradition will stand this happens every year - no matter what complicated math I use to divide the recipe, I will end up with enough filling for three; never fails.

What's your Thanksgiving looking like this year?


  1. Sounds like a great idea! Eat out and still end up with leftovers. :-)

  2. I'm sitting here wondering what cream cheese pie is...

  3. Bummer on the switched up plans, but eating out for Thanksgiving can be quite tasty. Love the idea of dessert at home.

    Since you asked, we will be eating at my sister's new townhouse this year. She's asked us not to wear shoes that will scratch her new floors. We are all planning to attend the movie 'Wonder' - most of the 22 grand-kids have read the book. Seeing a movie on T-giving is a new thing for this group. The weekend after T-giving is always chaotic as it is Midwest championships for Irish dancing. A very stressful event, but at least it is only 45 minutes away this year. I think the next two years it will be in Louisville. I CAN'T WAIT FOR IT TO BE OVER!

  4. Awww... he said it so nicely so of course he needs a cream cheese pie!

  5. Doing something nontraditional never goes over very well here either. I'm glad you were able to find a restaurant and get your family on board! Who knows? Maybe you will all enjoy it so much you will have a new tradition if your friends start going back home every year. We always go next door to my mom's house for the meal and she invites my best friend and her family who also have quite a few issues with their extended families so they never travel for Thanksgiving.