November 6, 2017

I get it...there are only seven more weeks until Christmas, but seriously?

Don't shoot the messenger!  I heard it on the radio the other morning.  I didn't believe them so I had to check for myself...and it's true.

Then and there, I resolved that I'd be AHEAD of the game this year - but honestly?  If I was going to be ahead of the game, I would have started before now.  But again, honestly?  Not having very many little people to buy for means that Christmas presents aren't nearly as much fun to buy as they used to be when Man-Child was small and you could FEEL the excitement ratchet up as the big day got closer and closer.

I especially noticed the change this year when we celebrated Man-Child's birthday.  There wasn't anything that he HAD to have, so I was at a loss when it came to buying his gift, therefore I left it in The Husband's hands because otherwise, he would have received cash - which, in retrospect, may have been a better choice.  Oh, he enjoyed and appreciated what he did get...but the excitement just wasn't there; on either end.

So I have started prodding people for ideas, much to their horror.  Didn't I realize that Thanksgiving was still on the horizon, they wondered; but what they don't realize is that in order to try and restore "the magic," and as the one who "does" the majority of Christmas, I need to start early.

Also, it will be easier on the pocketbook if I spread out the buying - so there you have it, if you need it, the practical reason to bring up the "C" word.

But today?  Today is where I drew a line.  Yes, I'll be starting my Christmas prep this weekend (although truthfully, I should have started a few weeks ago...) but Christmas carols? No.

We need to celebrate Thanksgiving before we start up with the Christmas carols.  Why, you may be asking yourself, is she bringing up Christmas carols?  Is she insane?  Maybe.  But maybe not.

At lunch today, I found myself in a local eatery and I heard the air conditioning kick on (because it's unseasonably warm right now) and then the music in the background finally was Elvis Presley singing I'll Be Home for Christmas and I was floored.  I hoped it was just a fluke but no, the next song was a carol, as was the one after that and so on.

So there I sat eating my salad and hearing Christmas carols - while the air conditioner was blowing - before Thanksgiving.  And that's just ridiculous.  And I, for one, applaud Target for taking a stand, of sorts.  They do have their Christmas area - usually toward the back of the store - but are keeping Christmas out of your face at the front of the store until after Thanksgiving.

So yes, I AM gearing up for Christmas as it's only prudent for me, but I'm not advocating Christmas Creep.  And having Christmas music playing on the 6th of November is far too early.  Far, far, far too early.


  1. Oh, I am so with you on this. I cringe when I hear Christmas music before thanksgiving. Since we are spending and spending and spending to finish the kitchen, I'm wondering if the kids would be ok with a bar stool for the island as their big gift. Um, only kind of kidding. My kids Irish dance and Midwest championships are the weekend after thanksgiving. Its my least favorite weekend of the year due to a crazy high stress level. After the competition, I try to get my life in order for a few days. Then I can embrace the Christmas season. i'd prefer to be prepared early though, so its kind of frustrating.

  2. I cannot believe how early I've started seeing commercials on TV for Christmas. Costco is completely covered with Christmas stuff already, too! It's disgusting, if you ask me. I haven't heard any carols and hope I don't any time soon. :-(

  3. I once gave a talk on this topic and, basically, I shared how I've learned not to groan at the early arrival of Christmas carols/commercials, etc. Then I made this point: it's kind of nice to be walking around the mall and listening to Andy Williams sing "It's the most wonderful time of the year" instead of the latest rap song. I refuse to let commercialization turn me into the Grinch! But I do hear what you're saying ... last year I needed some last minute Thanksgiving décor, and I couldn't find it anywhere because the Christmas stuff was out.

  4. Christmas countdowns stress me out. We are ALWAYS strapped for money and buying gifts for people who don’t understand how strapped you are stresses me out.
    Anyway the other day at work the students were coloring pictures for Day of the Dead and they were singing Christmas Carols,