May 11, 2018

A Surprise for an Early Mother's Day

Today the Mailroom dropped off these beauties...

Another crappy photo full of random desk stuff....
I never claimed to be a photographer.

Man-Child had sent me flowers as an early Mother's Day gift.  He knew that I have been struggling lately - between my late friend (we are still trying to work through this; it's harder than I would have imagined) and a few issues at work (the "attorney" that I want to throttle on a daily basis) - and wanted to brighten my day.  It worked.

AND The Husband actually took the initiative and made reservations for Sunday.  This is a HUGE departure from badgering me about where I want to go (along with the whole "we need to go early because Mother's Day is SO busy" spiel) that I usually get around now.

So there you have it - my Mother's Day is complete's not even here yet!

Happy (early) Mother's Day!


  1. So wonderful. I'm glad this Mother's Day is shaping up to be a special one, for a very special mom (and wife). :-)

  2. a bouquet of flowers, a restaurant reservation ... perfect! have a happy day!

  3. The flowers are gorgeous! I do love me some tulips!

  4. So, so p;retty! Way to go Man-child! Sorry you are having a tough time. Wishing you a less-stressed near future! BTW - years ago I got all in Coach's face for not taking me out. Make a reservation, damn it. Let's have a night when it isn't just 'Oh, it looks like that giant buffet place has space in their parking lot.' Oh, yum. Cafeteria style food that has been sitting out all day. Ugh. He has figured it out. Hee hee!


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