September 8, 2018

Despite my fears, these two knuckleheads pulled it together enough to get the lights and internet turned on before today...

Today was officially "move in" day for Man-Child and his buddy.  And although, I had my doubts as the title infers, they did manage to get the basics set up.  AND, as a bonus, were able to wrangle some extra bodies to help with the actual move; thank God because The Husband and I are way too old to be wrestling furniture up three flights of stairs.

To be perfectly honest, I carried one VERY light box and was finished with the actual "moving" part quite early on in the process.  From there I moved on to the emptying boxes, washing dishes, finding homes for said dishes, arranging furniture and buying a few necessities that the boys surely never even thought shower curtain liners and toilet paper.

Of course, being the tornado that Man-Child is he has left a swath of destruction in his wake...along with a great deal of stuff that he didn't think to bring with him.  Which means that I will be packing up the detritus and hauling it over to his apartment sometime in the near future.  Then I get the joy of cleaning out and rearranging the rest of it.  A mom's work is never done.

Dropping him off at college was probably the hardest thing I've ever done but this?  This is the weirdest.  When we dropped him off at college I knew he'd be coming back home eventually.  But now...we won't be waiting for him to come home and that is a little unsettling but I am excited for him.  He's moving into adulthood officially.  And while I still sometimes miss that sweet, little guy I am so extremely proud of the adult he has become.

Of course, he still has one foot still in the door as he has already informed me that he will most likely stay here most Friday nights during high school football season as our house is closer to the school where he coaches.

And then, of course, the lure of food will be strong...since I'm not confident that these two guys can actually cook anything as tasty as The Husband.  And I'm sure the promise of some of mom's baked goods will bring him running.


  1. When Coach finished the basement a few years ago, he wanted to put a bedroom down there. He figured that not all of them would be ready to move out the minute they graduated college. I was like 'why make it easy for them?' AND I know that aftermath of a move out all too well. Laddie leaves loads of stuff as he heads to college. I find myself texting him things like: Are these t-shirts you are done with, are they for your brothers? And so on! How exciting for him. I think the football Fridays will be a great time to catch up.

  2. They DO always come home ... for food, laundry, or whatever, and i love it. and you did EXACTLY what i do for any move-in days ... i stay inside and clean, straighten and decorate while the guys do the heavy lifting up and down stairs. and i agree. it is weird to drop them off at their apartment post college. it's a whole new adjustment.

  3. Ack!!!! I'm just now seeing this post! How exciting for him but how bittersweet for you. I'm just now wrapping my mind around the fact that in less than 3 years Peter will be in college immediately followed by Sarah. I guess that means we are doing our jobs but then what???? I hope he has everything situated and his new place feels like home.