August 25, 2018

If you give a husband an inch; he'll take a mile.

In my ideal life, most of my counters would be clear of clutter.  But I live with two other people.

This one corner of our kitchen counter has been taken over by The Husband.

It all started because The Husband insisted that this was THE perfect area where he could charge his phones.  I said fine; I will find you a box to store the charging cables when not in use.  So I bought a nondescript, little box to sit on the very end of the counter...and, as you can see, we ended up with this mess...which is slowly creeping further and further out onto the counter.

The Husband, God love him, doesn't see this as "clutter."  Much like he doesn't see the olive oil, the spice grinder, various spices, oven mitts or the NutriBullet (that no one uses) left out on the counter as "clutter."  He is of the mind that he will need it again eventually anyway; so why put it away?  Here's the answer - because it MAKES. ME. CRAZY.

After looking at this mess all day, and because The Husband is gone until tomorrow afternoon, guess what I'm doing tomorrow?

Yep, dealing with his clutter.

And when he comes home, I will show him where his "stuff" belongs and he will agree to keep his "stuff" where it belongs...until, ever so slowly, it will begin to creep back onto the counter.

It's a never ending cycle people.


  1. I am the clutterer in our family and my guy cleans it up. I used to have a REAL junk drawer but he organized everything so it all has a place. We are polar opposites. :-)

  2. Ah... I know the struggle. The worst is Youngest who leave everything out and open all the time. He tells me, that when I die he will not have to visit me at the graveyard because everytime he leaves a cabinet door open he will hear my voice.

    I told him that if the door quietly closes, he'll know I'm haunting him from the beyond.

  3. I am very lucky that my husband likes everything in it's place. He and I might not always agree on what that place should be but at least he puts things back! I hope your cleaned off counter stays that way for a while!

  4. So funny. Seems like the opposites do end up together!

  5. I do love a de cluttered counter. It is a losing battle. I stack stuff I need to go thru. The kids leave stuff everywhere. Coach leaves a zillion text books and physical therapy journals all around his recliner. I keep asking him if he will soon be ready to put his PT stuff in the kitchen cabinet assigned to him when we redid the almost-done kitchen. Neither of us has clearing clutter as a priority.

  6. I store our toaster and all other appliances (except my espresso machine) in the pantry. But I get the "charging corner" as we have one of those everywhere!