November 28, 2018

I figured out what to get The Husband for Christmas...before I kill him.

I literally just Googled this...

Best Wireless Headphones for TV Before I Kill My Husband

Because, honestly?  I'm about ready to kill my husband.  We go through the same scenario every night...I log on to the computer (in the dining room) to see what y'all are up to and The Husband turns on the tv (in the living room)...did I mention that this house is an open concept home, which means the kitchen, dining and living room are all one big room?  The turning on the tv means that The Husband has the volume at full blast.  Which only gets louder when there is shooting, shouting or music of any kind.  And every time that happens I kind of hate him for it (kinda, I recognize that I still love him but that I also want to kill him - welcome to marriage!).

Muttering under my breath does no good - because, obviously he can't hear it.  Asking him to turn it down only works for so long before all the noise subsides to regular conversation that he can't hear has him turning it up again.  I have told him repeatedly that he needs to have his hearing checked.  So far, he is resisting this option (I think because he's afraid hearing aids may be in his future and isn't ready to admit that he is at that point in his life); much like he resists going to the eye doctor - even though I remind him constantly that glaucoma runs in his family.

So before I dive into an exhaustive Google search for the best headphones to keep me from killing him - is this a problem in your home?  Have you solved it?  If so, help a girl out, please!  If not, please start a Go Fund Me for bail money..


  1. Yes, we have solved this problem. We both have wireless headphones for our laptops. I use Bose Noise Canceling headphones, and I love them! In the living room, we both have our own set of wireless Sennheiser headphones that connect to the TV, and although we cannot watch different programs, we don't bother the other one with the sound because it comes through our own headphones separately. Our house is quiet! If I want to watch something different than he does, he uses the TV and I use my laptop to access programs. It works great!

  2. Oh my gosh- I laughed at the part when you can't mumble under your breath because he cannot hear you. Oh, so sad because mumbling is so productive at relieving stress. I am fortunate that my family room and kitchen open to one another, but my computer is in my study which is by the front door. Tucked away. I think the headsets sound great. I love a gift that keeps on giving!