December 13, 2018

The oddest gift for a child...

A few days ago, I asked my friend from two doors down what her children wanted for Christmas.

For the baby, I expected "busy" toys.  And was rewarded with that response.  For the oldest, I expected a request for a book and, was again, rewarded.  For the middle I expected a sports-related request.

This child gave me a surprise...

Instead of a football, soccer ball or other related sports equipment she informed me that he wanted an electric pencil sharpener.

An electric pencil sharpener???

Who buys that for a third grader?  What kind of crazy lady would even think that it is an appropriate gift for a child?

I asked her several times, "Are you SURE that's what he wants?"  And every time she responded with a yes.  Apparently, he only had three requests on his list and this particular electric pencil sharpener was on it.

I discussed this at length with The Husband.  How could I order a pencil sharpener for a child?  HOW could that be a gift  that child wanted?  The Husband finally looked at me and said, "Don't you remember the first time you came across an electronic pencil sharpener? And how cool it seemed?"

Apparently, I had forgotten.

And that was how I found myself ordering a pencil sharpener for a third grader.

When I informed her that I bought the EXACT model that he'd requested, she responded that he would be over the moon.

I hope she's right.  Because who buys a pencil sharpener for a Christmas gift?  Apparently, I do.


  1. I wish I had a neighbor like you. Buying gifts for the neighbor kids is very generous! I kid you not I bought my kids a pencil sharpener one year - can't remember if it was for Christmas or something else? Secretly it was a gift for me. They could never find a sharpened pencil or a pencil sharpener when they were doing homework. It drove me nuts. Before the electric pencil sharpener came to be, I used to have sharpening pencils as one of the kids' weekly job assignments.

    1. These kids (and their parents) are like family to us so I can't not buy them something. Even if it's just a pencil sharpener.

  2. When I was 5 I wanted a white bedside table. Yes a bedside table and for some reason it had to be white. I remember this so clearly. I did receive the table and it was white so I guess Santa did a good job. :)

  3. It is an odd request, but I hope the child in question becomes a prolific writer, and you'll then understand the need for it! :-)

  4. As a writer who scribbles ideas WITH A PENCIL, I think a pencil sharpener is a fantastic gift! Couple it with a package of pencils and wow! It would make me happy!