June 5, 2019

And this is why you keep following blogs you love that have gone MIA...

Today - after a long, day that included overtime (which honestly?  I didn't have much to do today; did he REALLY have to wait until it was fifteen minutes before quitting time?) - my day was made!

Remember when I talked about old school blogging not too long ago?  Well, today - after two LONG years - one of those old school bloggers has popped back up on my radar!  And you know what?  She still knows how to spin a tale.

Hop over and have a visit.

Meanwhile, I'll be sitting over here with crossed fingers that she'll stick around...and that maybe a few others will pop back up.


  1. I too continue to follow bloggers that hardly ever post any more. I hope your phantom blogger will stick around. Now don't you go anywhere, Gigi! :-)

  2. I remember when the blogging community was MUCH bigger. I do blame FB for most of them leaving and it really makes me kind of sad. Blogging is not the same as FB and vice versa. Also, I remember when blogs didn't have advertising....it was all personal without an agenda. *end of rant*


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