June 1, 2019

A fairly unproductive day...until it wasn't

Today dawned bright and beautiful.  The recent (unseasonable) heat wave finally broke and we had a glorious day of blue skies, white fluffy clouds and almost zero humidity.  Who could ask for anything else?

After changing the sheets this morning, the rest of the day was misspent...as in we didn't really accomplish anything of importance.  That garage?  Ignored.  Today was THE perfect day to work on the garage; not too hot, not too cold, not rainy - yet totally ignored.

The beds that probably need weeding?  Ignored.  The bathrooms that needed cleaning?  Ignored.

Instead we spent the day doing random things like going to the local nursery to inquire what they would recommend for thwarting weeds in the juniper - sadly, their advice was, basically, weeding. *sigh*  Their advice for replacing the day lilies?  Nor much better.

We also went to lunch at a local restaurant - which to be honest, was a *just feed me NOW* kind of place and not worth noting; BUT I ran into a retired co-worker...and let me just say this, EVERY SINGLE retired co-worker looks SO relaxed and happy.  *Checks the calendar to see when I can retire* *sigh* Not for a while yet, and I say this while actually, mostly, enjoying my job!

Man-Child stopped in for dinner a visit - and that was a pleasant surprise...until The Husband said, "Oh yeah!  I knew he was coming and I forgot to mention it."

After Man-Child left, I put on my pj's and wandered into the back yard...the lovely thing about my back yard is that for the most part no one can see what's going on back there in the late spring/summer months.

I wandered out to the big bed to see what was going on - not much - except for a few random blackberry shoots - which I quickly dispatched...eventually that thing has to give up the ghost, right?!  No, most likely not in my life time.

Then I decided to hang out in the hammock.  What I didn't factor in?  It rained quite hard last night...and this hammock is in the shade.

Hence this post to Instagram...

With the following captions...

So I changed and discovered that those bathrooms DID need to be cleaned...so I cleaned them - future me will be SO pleased!

As to how The Husband is reacting to the paper towel ban?  His first response was, "Obviously, I can't leave the house because it gives you too much time to stew over things!!"

Has he met me?!  I stew over things all day, every day!

This evening he presented me with a gross dish cloth and said, "THIS is what you are asking for?"  

"Of course!" was my response.  That gross dish cloth can be washed.  He worried that I'd be "over burdened" with extra laundry...and we all know how much I hate laundry - but this is something I think I can tolerate.


  1. I laughed about the wet hammock, but I would think it probably felt kinda good. And it was private back there, right? Glad you had a laid back day. :-)

  2. I spend a lot of my weekends not getting things done. And I don't mind one bit! :) Have a great week!

  3. Oh, the wet hammock-THE NERVE!!
    People always try to defend the papertowel thing VS cloth towels with 'laundry' comments. They don't take up that much space and can be added with most of my loads, so it's never any 'extra' laundry/water really. See, I can stew too.

  4. I agree with Suz - dish cloths are tiny! I change mine out daily, and it is NOT that much laundry! I'm a little jealous of your hammock - even wet that sounds relaxing!