November 20, 2019

Faked out...twice in one day

Has it really been about a month since I last posted?!  That certainly appears to be the case.

At any rate, the only reason I'm even posting today is because The Husband was sedated this morning for dental work and, apparently, they had to give him enough to take down a rhinoceros since he's been in bed sleeping since we got home.  At 9:45 am. *consults watch*  It is now 4:47 pm.

Needless to say I was a little alarmed because when I brought him home from his colonoscopy a while back he was lucid, could walk without assistance and was ready to eat.  You should have seen the comedy scene that ensued as I tried to get him into the house, out of his clothes and into bed.  Well, it's funny now.  At the time, I was so afraid he was going to fall and there is absolutely no way I could have held him up.

But since he was still sleeping, I fired off a text to my friend two doors down (who happens to be a nurse) around 12:30 pm asking whether I should let him keep sleeping or wake him up. 

Comfortingly (?), she said, that as long as he's breathing I should let him sleep.  I checked, he was breathing. 

Around 3:00, I texted her again.  She again, said it was fine.  And then he woke up for about five minutes and went back to bed.

So here we are - I in a very quiet house and you, on the other end, reading a very long post.  Had I known he was going to sleep the day away, I might have gotten more done around here today.  But I had one eye on his breathing and one eye on work email and the day slipped days tend to do when you aren't paying attention - which seems to have become a thing with me lately - I need to work on that.

But then again, I need to work on a lot of things - like remembering to blog more than once a month.  And getting to the point of the whole reason why I jumped on here this evening...

Friends, I thought I had found the holy grail of jeans last week.  (I know I said in my jeans report two years ago that I had found them - but although I still love those jeans, and any I may have purchased since, they must have changed something because those jeans now regularly sag.)  So I was excited when I saw that the label on these swore that these jeans would not stretch and sag ever.  The fit was perfect so I happily parted with my cash and took them with me.

Then I stopped at Ulta to get some hair product and, as always, I browsed around and found myself at the nail polish.  I pursued the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel line for any new colors, as you do.  I found a color, headed to counter to pay.

On the way out the door, I tossed the receipt in the trash - because I knew I wouldn't need it.

I'm sure by now you all know where this is going...

That receipt did, in fact, need keeping.  Why?  Because when I got home and went to put away my new polish what do you think I found?

If you guessed the exact same shade of polish, you would be correct.  And, how much do you want to bet that the first bottle was bought the last time I was in Ulta?  The odds are pretty good.

So, I've resigned myself to the fact that I am going to be wearing this color a LOT.  Or maybe, I'll just give it to my friend two doors down as a thank you for reminding me to worry about The Husband's breathing.

And now you must be wondering how else I was faked out twice in one day.  You've figured out the polish was the first fake out.  But the second one?  That one wasn't discovered until a couple of days later...

When I pulled on my new jeans and went to slip my keys in my front pocket - only to discover they were fake pockets!

I was outraged, I tell you, absolutely OUTRAGED!  What exactly is the deal with women's clothing and pockets?!  Either you have fake pockets, no pockets or extremely short pockets.  Yes, yes, I have read several articles as to why women's clothing historically didn't have pockets.  But this is 2019!  On the cusp of 2020, for crying out loud!  Put useful, normal sized pockets in women's jeans already!  Is that really too much to ask of clothing manufacturers?  Do they NOT wonder why women excitedly exclaim to another woman about how this dress/pants/jeans has pockets?!  Do they not wonder why women complain on Twitter, Facebook etc. about a lack of pockets - or why they share photos of an outfit with actual working pockets - this last bit only happens because it's so rare.

And then to make matters worse - damned if those jeans didn't start to sag toward the end of the day.  I'll give them this much they held up longer than most of my jeans - as they usually start to sag within hours of being worn.  But still...

Well, I guess this post has MORE than made up for me not posting for long.  I hope.  I'll try to be better.

*consults watch*  It's now 5:43 pm - I need to go see if The Husband is still breathing.


  1. Oh no. Bummer about the nail-polish. I think Ulta would exchange an unopened bottle for another color, same manufacturer/price? Right? You must really like that color.

    As for saggy jeans - I hear you. I do enjoy jeans with a little stretch to them, but come the second part of the day they sag in the butt. Big time. Mini makes fun of me for the saggy butt jean factor. I will only buy Jag jeans because the length works for me. Although I did buy a pair of AG jeans when they were REALLY marked down and I do like those a lot. But hey - they promised not to sag!

    I hope the Husband is fully recovered after his dental surgery. He is going to be awake all night!

  2. I have started to buy men's pants instead of women's, because at my age I don't have much waist to worry about, but boy do those pants have pockets! It was the lack of usable pockets that sent me in that direction, and now after many years of wearing them, I don't even bother looking at the women's pants. I wear a 30/30 in men's pants! They go all the way to 28s, but those are too small around the waist for me. :-)

  3. Here's my question: after sleeping all day was he able to sleep at night?

    Also I HAAAAAATE when jeans don't have adequate pockets. Any other clothing item (other than coats) I don't care so much but JEANS ARE SUPPOSED TO HAVE POCKETS.

  4. I'm on the hunt for great jeans too! I think I'm just going to have to bite the bullet and pay a ridiculous amount for a good pair because I'm not finding anything at discount stores. As for duplicate beauty products, I do that with lipsticks. I decide I'm ready for a new color, only to find I've bought the same one. It's the only thing in which I'm consistent.

  5. GAH!!! I had a whole comment typed out and was in the wrong google account so it's gone!!!

    So I'll just say HI. It's me... Juli and pocketless pants suck.

  6. I hope your husband is doing better...surely he's rested up by now. :)
    Saggy jeans and no pockets?? BUMMER!!


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