December 18, 2017

Jeans report...

I have been on the hunt for new jeans now for about six months; basically ever since our company announced that we could wear jeans to work on Fridays.  Yes, this very old-fashioned company is slowly, but surely, being dragged into the 21st century.  The guys are still rejoicing that they don't have to wear ties everyday.

So for the past six months or so, whenever I was out and about, I'd look at the jeans.  And, inevitably, they'd all be far too long for my short, little legs.  I just knew the solution would be to head to the Levis outlet because I recall the last time I was there, many moons ago, I saw that they did offer jeans in various inseams.  Something that isn't offered at Kohl's or wherever, apparently.

Today was the day.  I had The Husband wake me up before dawn as he was leaving for work.  My plan was to be out the door by 8:30, as the outlet stores open at 9:00 am.  I had to revise my plan after my day started and I got a little distracted.  Instead I was out the door by 9:00.  Semi-success.  Now, why was I so determined to get such an early start?  Because the outlet stores are about an hour away AND it is Christmas time.  I figured, if I got there early it wouldn't be too crowded.  Plus, I was banking on the fact that most people aren't off work yet.

My plan worked until I walked into the Levis store.  That's kind of where everything fell apart.  Yes, they did have some of the style of jeans (high waist, skinny jeans, if you must know - with these short legs bootcut; just doesn't work!) I wanted with the shorter inseam...but the saleswoman told me, after questioning why I couldn't find my size with the shorter inseam, that they only offer the shorter inseam on the "smaller" sizes. Seriously?!

What's up with that Levis?  Not ALL short women are toothpick thin, thank you very much!  You might want to re-think that whole strategy.

Needless to say, I walked out of the Levis store empty-handed but undeterred.

I found myself at The Gap - same problem.  Nothing in my size with the shorter inseam.  Although, they did have a pair of khaki-type pants that worked perfectly - so at least they got a sale out of me.

I continued my quest and eventually landed in the J. Crew outlet.  And lo and behold!  THEY had the skinny jeans I was after IN my size and with a short inseam!!  I was beside myself...until I looked at the price tag.  I had seen a sign that some jeans were on sale - these were not under that sign.  But I took a chance, before trying them on I asked the saleswoman if these happened to be on sale.  She replied that everything in the store was 50% off.  Given that assurance, I headed toward the fitting room.  Not only did they fit perfectly, the length was excellent AND there were real pockets - not full size front pockets, but pockets nonetheless!  Yes, this is huge because I have been tricked into buying jeans in the past that did not have real pockets which has led to me having trust issues when it comes to jeans.

Considering that they were on sale, I snapped up two pairs.  As I was checking out, I mentioned to the saleswoman that they apparently were the only store that carried shorter inseams in my size.  She commiserated with me and then mentioned that these jeans are great in that they hold their shape and don't sag as the day wears on.  I was stunned - every single pair of jeans I have bought in recent years always, always sag by the end of the day.

Upon arriving home, I immediately put on one of the new pairs of jeans and have been wearing them all day.  Not only have they not sagged, they are extremely comfortable.  Now, to be clear, I love these jeans - but I would not have bought them at full price.  The price point is just a little too dear - but at half off?  In the style I wanted?  Yes.

This is not a sponsored post - but if you are in the need for jeans with a short inseam - head to J. Crew outlet - they can hook you up since Levis, the iconic brand for jeans, cannot if you aren't a toothpick.


  1. Jeans are a pain for me to find also. I have had good luck at Talbots pricey but they have good sales.

  2. I'm so glad for you! I wore jeans for ages but when I retired, I moved towards cargo pants and gradually gave away my jeans. You have made me wonder whether Land's End, where I bought mine, still carry my size. I'll check. :-)

  3. Good jeans are worth their weight in gold! So glad you found a well-fitting pair at a good price!

  4. I have the opposite problem. I am tall. I now refuse to buy any jeans unless they are Jag jeans. I occasionally check out the sale rack at Von Maur and snatch them up when they go on sale. Mini complains when I wear some of my Jag jeans though because by the end of the day my butt is all saggy looking. Glad you found some that work, especially after driving all that way!