December 12, 2020

Box hoarding, it's a thing.

This Christmas season has opened my eyes to an addiction that is gripping the blogging community - and, perhaps, the world at large.  I am an addict but seriously thought I was the only one and that I had it under control, isn't that always the case?

I always assumed it was a genetic predilection, as my mother was also addicted.

In Suzanne's most recent post she mentioned that neither she nor her husband could bear to throw away "a perfectly good box."  I know the feeling.

Then, in the comments, my eyes were opened.

In the comments, with very few exceptions, one by one, we all admitted to being box hoarders. This was not just a problem that my mother had passed on to me! 

I recall, after getting married, The Husband being shocked that I had perfectly good, empty boxes that needed to be moved.  He got over it.  Well, maybe I should say, he learned to live with it.

And then we decided to move from Texas to North Carolina.  And he was absolutely gobsmacked when I packed up those perfectly good, empty boxes to bring with us.

What?! You never know when you may be in need of a "good" box.

Now, I am not NEAR as addicted as my mother was.  She would hold onto a box FAR past its prime.  That is where I draw line though.  If I have a box past it's prime I DON'T have a problem with quickly recycling it.  Sending it on its way to come back to life as another perfectly good box.  Yes, I AM proud of this point.

*hangs head* I DO have to admit that I have an entire closet in the garage specifically to hold my "stash."

Exhibit A

Despite this, I recently realized that, since this Christmas season began, I have been stashing extra boxes "just in case" in my dressing if I could possibly run out...given that this closet is full.

Exhibit B

Yes, I AM also holding onto some air packs *defiantly glares* - if you NEED a good box for shipping then it just stands to reason that you NEED something to cushion the contents!

That's the first step - admitting we have a problem, right?

But, I have to argue - is it REALLY a problem?!  

I mean, I'm giving these boxes (and air packs) a lovely home to reside in until their time is up.  And honestly, it calms ones soul to know that you have THE perfect box for that particular package/gift...right?


  1. You are so funny! I think your boxes are totally cool and that it makes perfect sense, at least at this time of year, to have plenty of boxes and air packs. That said, I am not a box hoarder. I just don't throw out perfectly good ones. :-)

  2. I freely admit that my hallway, starting from my front door up to my bedroom door has perfectly good boxes of all sizes and packing material falling out. Those that I recycle I don't destroy (rip up) but place by the recycle bins so that others might find a use for my good boxes. At the price Home Depot charges for moving boxes, there's nothing wrong with a little forethought!

  3. oh the pain. Our garage is constantly loading up with boxes or various sizes. When I can I take them apart and throw them out.
    Then Someone wants one and berates me for throwing them out.

  4. I am behind in my blog reading -havn't seen Suzanne's post, but your title caught my eye (as I sit waiting for my new emergency printer is being set up by my menfolk).

    Here to join the box hoarding club. I assumed my issue stemmed from having college kids coming and going and cookies that may need to be mailed to them occasionally. I see that is not the case. My boxes live in the garage mostly but fresh ones reside in my dining room. Never claimed to be classy.

  5. LOVE a good box! I am just getting better recently at recycling boxes, but for a while I had a whole shelf in the storage room full of boxes!

  6. I also save 'some' boxes, not all. You just never know when you'll need one! But, my biggest issues is bubble wrap. I save it all. I can't stand to throw it out (the plastic!) and it's expensive to buy it.

  7. I am the opposite and I am sitting here wishing I had hoarded boxes. Because when I was wrapping presents this weekend, I had none. I was literally wrapping sweaters AS IS. Like the wrapping paper was touching the sweaters. LOOK AWAY WE'RE IN A PANDEMIC.

  8. I've written whole posts about cleaning my attic because I threw all those boxes I was saving down the stairs and couldn't get out. And let's be honest here... there are far worse things you could be hoarding. And as long as none of those boxes have feral kittens in them, I think you're good.