December 31, 2020

Famous last words...

The very last thing I said to you last year was, "2020 is going to be least, that's what my ruminations tell I sift through the pieces."

I'm SO very sorry as I do believe I jinxed us all somehow.  I'll try to keep any hopeful aspirations to myself this year.

I also stumbled across this I was looking back to see what other kind of wisdom I had to share in the early days before the world came to a complete stop.  Somebody remind me in about a week or so.  I (we) CAN'T forget our thirtieth anniversary - even if we can't actually DO something to celebrate - other than celebrating the fact that, hopefully, these vaccinations will be rolled out quickly.  I'm still in shock at how so very young we were.

This was also the year - prior to everything going to hell in a handbasket - that one of my plants spontaneously committed suicide.

After that, things got really weird as the world started locking down and although I still had stuff I rambled about, it became more "home" related - fixing minor annoyances, tiny miracles, small silver linings; and a problem solved.

We won't even go into the Hot Water Saga or the Oven Dilemma - I can't relieve those nightmares just yet.  It's too soon.

So here we are - on the cusp of a New Year.  I'm not going to make any grand proclamations - but will humbly say thank you for being along for the ride this crazy year.  And let's stand together to face what 2021 will bring.  Together, I think, we will make the best of it - much like we did this year.  Like we do most years - good or bad.

As we head in to the new year, let's all look for the good.  Even in the most crappy of all years, there is always something beautiful and something to be grateful for - we can't ask for more than that.


  1. Interestingly enough, a news station anchor said that 2020 won't go down in history as the worst year that the US has ever had. It's placing #8! Hard to believe there were 7 worse years than this one.
    You think forgetting your 29th was bad? We were going to go out with friends to celebrate our 50th anniversary THE DAY THEY SHUT AMERICA DOWN! So much for a celebration.
    I hope you have a great 30th (and congratulations by the way) and continue to stay safe and happy together!

  2. I do a New Year's card instead of a Christmas card, because honestly, I haven't had time to do that in years, and seriously... cards are expensive at a time in December that I really don't want to spend the money. It was struggle this year to find 8 happy memories. And two ended up being the dog. :) But...

    Youngest graduated High School in an untraditional, yet fantastic way. Bonus son bought a condo and moved out on his own. Oldest mad the Dean's list twice. And the Hubs and I are still married, with no corona baby. :)

    I figure if 2021 can bring a few more happy times, and maybe a clean area of the house, then it's a win.

  3. I am glad the year has finished up and look forward to a new administration in Washington. And pray that the vaccine will be available around here within a few months. And I look forward to future hugs! :-)

  4. Throughout this year I thought about the times when my kids needed to interview a grandparent about something they dealt with in younger years. . . imagine the material we now have for those grandkid interviews. It's been a nutty year, understatement. Looking forward to what 2021 holds.

  5. Happy New Year!! We will look back on this year with much astonishment and amazement!

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  7. I join the others to wish you well and a happy new year! Blessings to you/yours !

  8. Aww, now we know who to blame! Just kidding. Congratulations on your 30th anniversary! That is a big deal!
    Happy New Year! :)

  9. So, it was YOU?? ;)
    Let's focus on the silver linings; there are always some of those.
    Happy 2021!

  10. Gigi,
    And I thought my household was to blame for a rotten 2020 because I was too sick to make us black-eyed peas on the first last year. Maybe we just contributed to 2020 and aren't the only ones to blame! Whew! No worries this year, we had lots and lots of black-eyed peas! Many blessings to you and your family this New Years! Stay safe and stay well! Also, happy 30th anniversary! Mona

  11. Happy New Year to you and your family! And thanks for not making any predictions for this year! ;)