March 16, 2021

A mystery...

 On Sunday, The Husband decided to make a large pot of black-eyed peas for the convalescent neighbor two doors down.  And then suggested that I should make some cornbread to accompany his offering. I agreed; particularly since cornbread is a no-brainer recipe.

I pulled out the cookbook - despite the recipe being a no-brainer, it is NOT one that I have memorized, unfortunately.  As I turned to the page where this recipe resides I was met with a surprise.

The entire page was gone.


How?  Where?

This book is at least thirty years old and is coming apart at the seams.  Literally.  So, I pulled everything out of the cabinet where the book resides hoping that the page had somehow fallen out and landed behind something.


I then rifled through the cookbook itself, thinking maybe the page had fallen out and I had mindlessly shoved it back in randomly without remembering it.


Then I remembered, Bonus Daughter had asked that I send her a copy of the recipe about a month or so ago and that page was in the book then.  So I was able to find that email and re-create the recipe; but the question still remains...where is that elusive page?  It's not a random piece of paper with ingredients listed that might have been tossed without a thought.  It's obviously part of a book with multiple recipes on both sides.

Having recovered the recipe, I set the question of where that page might be aside for a moment while I set about making said recipe.  The recipe which I planned on doubling, knowing how many people are in that household.

Which then had me looking around for the second cast iron skillet.  A skillet that is rarely used but was one that I KNEW we had.  As a side note, yes.  A cast iron skillet is perfect for making cornbread.  Of course, you can use any kind of pan; but I prefer to use a cast iron skillet for cornbread.

As I was relaying the news of the missing page to The Husband I was rummaging around looking for that second skillet when he asked, "What are you looking for now?"  I told him and he responded that he had no idea where that skillet might be.

I stopped rummaging around, looked at him and said, "So, you are telling that what we have here is that someone came into this house with the express purpose of stealing that page from the cookbook AND a skillet? "

Mr. Smarty-Pants responded that maybe they were looking to open a cornbread store.


I still have not located that page but The Husband finally admitted that he may have tossed that skillet for some ridiculous reason (HIM, the one who NEVER throws/gives away ANYTHING) - but, it is important to note, he blamed it on ME.  Saying that I'm always saying that we should get rid of things we don't use.  Which, is true, but I don't toss unless it's actual trash.  Otherwise, it gets sent to Goodwill.  And I DO use that pan.  Now, where on earth is that page?!  It's a mystery that will plague me until either I die or find it.


  1. Good luck with your hunt! My late husband was the one who made the cornbread. I never cared for it because it was always too gritty for me. Then he came home with corn meal flour. OMG I LOVED that cornbread (he used to add a little extra sweet to it since preferred it that way). Sadly, all the meals he made were from memory and would ad lib ingredients depending on mood, so I have no idea how to duplicate any of them. Our 51st anniversary would have been next week - husbands can be a trial, but now you can buy and go through all the work of seasoning a new cast iron pan. I still have his because you never know....

  2. Gosh, that's a true mystery, Gigi. Not the missing pan, but the recipe. I had to laugh that the ONE THING he would throw away was something infrequently used but necessary! :-)

  3. Wow, how weird is that? Very strange. Good luck, hope you find it.

  4. I have had leather belts sitting in the closet for years. 3 weeks ago I donated them. I have had plastic feet things for chairs in the cabinet for YEARS, stabbing me every time I put my hand in there. Threw them out last week.

    Care to guess what I had to re-buy for the truck I just re-did??

    I returned a bunch of overage stuff that I used for the trunk since it was done. Care to guess what's coming on Sunday?

    Another trunk, gifted to me from the same family as the first. This could be a very expensive hobby.


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