March 7, 2021

Notes from the bunker...

 As you might imagine, life around here has been very quiet - which is welcome after our last brush of excitement, after all that I figure I need to embrace the boring existence.

We have had the tree service out for an estimate and are still reeling from the sticker shock.  I mean, we KNEW it was going to be high...but not quite that high.  But, seeing as this particular company has the equipment to pick up all the trees, feed them into a chipper and drive all the remnants away in one day - well, when you look at it from that angle the estimate seems accurate.

We are hopeful that they can get us on the books for later this week.  Because between you and me?  I'm tired of being flabbergasted all over again when I open the blinds each morning.

My friend's husband was scheduled for shoulder surgery last Friday.  I used this as an opportunity to finally break down and try The Lazy Genius' Absolute Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies.  I have shied away from this recipe for several reasons.  One, because I'm pretty happy with my own recipe.  Two, the dough needs to chill for at least 48 hours.  And three, and this is the big one, the recipe calls for browned butter.  I have never even HEARD of browned butter prior to this recipe.  And it sounds intimidating since, apparently, it can go from browned to burnt fairly quickly.

Now, with all these reasons to NOT make these cookies, why did I choose to go for it?  Mainly, because I kept hearing how amazing these cookies are and I'm trying to move beyond my comfort zone in the baking arena.

So I started the dough last Wednesday afternoon.  And I cannot tell you how much I stressed while browning the butter.  I certainly did not burn it (YAY!) but I have a sneaking suspicion that I didn't brown it enough.  But I powered through and put the cookies in the extra fridge to rest for 48 hours.  

Friday afternoon, I pulled the dough out and started baking.  I cooled the first batch and did a taste test.  Well, that really isn't a fair taste test because ANY chocolate chip cookie warm from the oven is ALWAYS good.  

The true taste test came on Saturday when I had a cookie with my coffee as a treat.  The taste of the cookie IS awesome and I cannot dispute that it is a good cookie.  But...I prefer my chocolate chip cookies to be a little crispier - she prefers a chewier each their own.  I think next time, I may make my usual recipe and add the browned butter and see what happens.

At any rate, I sent a big batch down the street to the convalescent and his family and left the remainder at the office for the few people who still go in on a daily basis.

The Husband spent this morning making some food to send down, as my friend is in the trenches, keeping her husband (who has to keep his arm immobile for the next six weeks before he can even think about rehab) comfortable and keeping three children alive.

When I called to let her know we had some food for them, she informed me that all the cookies are already gone.

Once the older two boys showed up at the doorstep to retrieve said food I was told, "Mom ate all the cookies*.  She** wonders if there might be more?"

Unfortunately, there is not.  But I may have promised some treats soon as, obviously, these were a hit two doors down.

I had mentioned my stress over the browned butter on Twitter and friend responded with the news that browned butter in peanut butter cookies is amazing.  After this experience, I can see how that would be outstanding and will be trying that soon.

*I know for a fact she did not.

**I think the "she" in this instance may, in fact, be the boys.


  1. Ooooh, that recipe looks good! I might give those a try, thanks Gigi!

  2. I have a friend who had that shoulder surgery, and he is just now, three months later, beginning to be able to use it properly. But the pain is gone and his range of motion is awesome. I wouldn't have those cookies around for another very good reason: I would eat way too many! :-)

  3. Funny about the 'who ate all the cookies' scenario. :) You are so sweet to bake and your husband for cooking. I'm sure it is much appreciated! I can't imagine keeping 3 kids happy and taking care of an injured husband too.

  4. I too prefer my chocolate chip cookies to be crisper but still a little soft on the inside. I don't like a chewy one. And I'm certainly sure I would like to have to plan that for in advance every time I wanted to make them. I love that the boys blamed their mom for eating them all and wondering if there were more. They must have really been good....which makes me think that maybe I should try them too...

  5. This reminds me of when Soft Batch cookies were all the rage, late 80's? Early 90s? I have not ventured into a different baking adventure in forever. I think I best stick with what I know. Someone recently marveled at the fact that I bake all the time, but that I eat none of it. Yes, tis sad but true. I can just see the brothers conspiring to tell you that mom ate all the cookies and that she is requesting more. So cute.

  6. "Mom ate all the cookies" *snicker, snort* Sure she did kid. Sure she did.

  7. Sure, "Mom" ate all the cookies. Uh huh.

    Browned butter scares me, too. I am impressed that you powered through! And clearly they were a success.

  8. The boys are up to no good that's certain.