August 1, 2021

An interesting turn...

In an interesting turn of events, The Husband has exhibited GREAT interest in finishing the back porch.  Which is funny in that I thought it was done.

He has decided that we need to replace the ceiling fan.  Fair enough.  That fan IS ugly.  But then again, many ceiling fans are ugly but necessary here in the southern climes.

Then he decided that we need to remove the vinyl siding and put in (wait for it) shiplap, after Man-Child suggested it.  First of all, HOW do these two even know what shiplap is??  Turns out ManChild's girlfriend has him watching HGTV occasionally.  The Husband, on the other hand, doesn't watch HGTV so how he knows about it is a mystery.

I can only surmise that all this enthusiasm stems from wanting at least one project done - and this particular project is so close to being finished.  I can relate.  But honestly, as nice as it would be to have this project, that I didn't even know wasn't finished, done - I am thinking about the other things that need to be done first.  

We *might* be having guests(!) in October.  So, to my mind, the guest room needs to be finished and the bonus room (that I keep forgetting we have upstairs) needs to be started (as in nothing has been done at all yet) first.

So here's my question for you.  As a guest, I am guessing you would prefer to have an actual bed to sleep on rather than, say, a daybed?  The guest room has a double bed but what should I do upstairs?  Two twins?  Or a double/queen?  I'm kind of leaning toward twins so we have more beds.  But, guests are few and far between so maybe I should just have the one larger bed.  I'm overthinking this, I know.  Your thoughts will be most appreciated.

So we shall see how it all plays out.  If he wants to go forward with his new project, he can have at it.  Meanwhile, I am shopping for headboards and beds online.

So, those doors that I painted about a month ago?  Last night, I mentioned in passing that I don't hate the front door as much now since it was painted.  He looked at me, shocked.  Then walked to the front door, opened it and stared.  I was laughing and then asked, "Did you ever notice that the door from the garage was also painted?"  He then opened that door to take a peek.  

At this point, I am tempted to see what else I can change to see if he'll notice without it being pointed out.


  1. I'm wondering how he couldn't smell the paint the first day or so.

    The bed depends on 2 things - When you have people stay over are they individuals mostly or couples? Would a couple have a problem sleeping in a small bed? Secondly, what do you already have sheets to fit? Because you'll need at least 2 sets for spares for twin beds. If you already have plenty of sheets for a queen or a double, at least you'll save that expense. And don't forget the pillows!

  2. Yes yes yes take advantage of this surge of interest to get lots done.

  3. Okay, the door thing is something that totally happens here. Meanwhile Oldest made a HUGE deal that I didn't recognize in the first 5 minutes I was home, that he had unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher while I was out. Okay bud... gold star. :)

    I wish I was closer... we have 3 extra beds you could have. That said, I have always found that twins work out better if you have people that show up with kids. (We typically only have kids so twins work for us). As for a couple, most are fine with pushing two twins together if it means a free place to stay. But as for aesthetics, you may want a nice queen bed in the guest room, since you have the day bed elsewhere.

    OR.... (can you tell I'm scatter brained now)

    What about a queen bed with a twin trundle under it? Best of both worlds.

  4. We recently decommissioned one of our guest bedrooms, taking out a full size bed because it was never quite right. We're turning the space into a reading room just for the two of us, but if I were to redo that room as a guest bedroom I'd choose two twin beds. We have another guest bedroom with a queen bed which works well for couples. But as for singles or kids, twin beds would fill the bill. In my experience.

  5. I agree that you should first think about the type of guests most likely to stay. If it is couples or NOT children, go with a queen bed. I know I'd be rather uncomfortable in a twin bed. Our guest rooms have queen beds. When the littlest granddaughter (7) sleeps over, she loves having the queen bed.

    I am not at all surprised that your husband was oblivious to the repainted doors. Mine would have been, too.

  6. I laughed at your husband's shock. What fun you're having, Gigi. And I'd go with twin beds if it were me, so that you have more options.

  7. I would choose two twins, I actually find that a twin is more comfortable than a double, when I am sharing with my husband! Is that weird? Maybe. But I like my space! I guess I would have done well in a 1950s sitcom. (FTR we have a king at home, so I do actually share a bed with my husband).

  8. He finally knows about the doors! Hilarious!

    Hmmm. I am not going to be helpful about the guest bed situation. I can see pros/cons for each option. Maybe the option of queen with a trundle?

  9. Depending on the size of the room, how about a sleeper sofa? That way, when you don't have guests, at least you'll still have a regular room with space to walk They make single-sized (fold out) chairs that you could use as well, although I don't think they would be as comfortable.

  10. Kevin went a week without noticing the laundry room being painted a different color. :)
    I've been mulling the guest bedroom thing. I kept vacillating between two beds and one. Finally I decided: a queen bed that YOU can also use as a daybed/nap room. Everyone wins!