November 9, 2010

You have to have a lot of confidence to pull this off

Being in the midst of all things football here - this has to be, without a doubt, the best sneak play I've ever seen!

If it weren't for the fact that it's all over the news for our opponents to see, I would think it would be a great play for our guys to use at our first playoff game this week.  Those little guy's coaches are pretty clever - and that one kid is as cool as a cucumber to pull that one off.  I love the way the other team just watches him - not realizing what is happening.

For those that need a little explanation: the guy with the ball is acting like a foul has been called on the other team.  A foul usually means that the ball is moved back on the side of the field of the team receiving the foul - which puts the ball further away from their goal line and closer to the opponents.  The boy's acting like he's marking off yardage on a foul against the other team.  Good Lord!  I just realized that all this football stuff is actually seeping into my brain somehow!


  1. That isn't football !

    Football is a no hands game.

    Cheeky Americans nicking our words !!!!!

    What you are looking at there is rugby for big girl's blouses, cos they need padding ( ;

    (ducks and scuttles off before gets used willy protectors thrown at head)

  2. This is why I love watching younger people play. I'd watch a college game over NFL anyday.
    Thanks for sharing, that was great!

  3. Football bores me. To tears. But, I could watch that clip 1,000!


  4. Can't see the video, but saw it on my sons FB acc a couple of days ago. It looked cheeky, but as I don't understand American Football AT ALL, wasnt sure how he could just walk through the other team. I get it now!

  5. Can't see your video, it won't play? But my son posted this on his FB acc a couple of days ago. It looked a bit cheeky, but as I understand absolutely nothing about American Football, didn't under how he could just walk through the other team? But thanks to your explaination, I now get it!!

  6. I saw this on television and thought it was great! Unfortunately, Firstborn's high school football season is over, so no playoff games for us! Good luck

  7. I'd hate to see what happens to him on the NEXT play.

  8. Honey, you sound like a GUY! (Football is seeping into your brain!

    Sadly, I couldn't see the video. YouTube pulled it.