November 24, 2010

Will he EVER learn???

It's been almost 20 years.  You think he'd have me figured out by now.

He hasn't.

I have had a bad day (for no particular reason.  Ladies, you understand, I'm sure).  I come home.  I'm pissy.  He asks what is wrong - and I tell him.  I tell him vehemently of all the things that went wrong today (there may or may not have been some slamming of things around - just to get my point across, you understand).  All I get is, "It'll be all right" from across the room.  Then he pipes in with, "Well, tomorrow will make you feel better."  And then I begin to cry.  Not a lot - just a bit.  Because I'm in a foul mood and just a tiny bit stressed.

AND, can someone please explain to me how having a houseful of people is supposed to make me feel better?  Although I do love these friends and their children dearly - please tell me how having my friend (who may or may not be going through a divorce) with her three boy children (who can be extremely wild) and her mother (who brings a whole 'nother set of issues with her) and my other friends (who have two really small children) is supposed to calm me down and keep me sane?  On Thanksgiving?

And while I don't have to do the majority of the cooking (thank GOD!) - I am supposed to come up with the desserts; which can someone else please tell me how I am supposed to do that when the Chef (Hubby) is downright SELFISH with the kitchen and the ovens?  And all this is supposed to calm me down!

No.  None of that will calm me down and make me feel better.  You know what would?  A hug.

That's it.  Nothing complicated.  Just a hug.

I've told him this repeatedly through the years.  But, apparently, upset women and tears must frighten the beejesus out of him.

So now that I've spilled it to you - without all the gory details and the smeared mascara on display - I feel better.

Enough to go to battle for an oven or two.  So that we can have desserts after dinner tomorrow.  And it will be great (especially if there is enough wine - and there will be, I will make sure of that).

So if I don't get around to see you before - have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Sorry I've been dumping on you guys so much lately.  You've all been wonderful.  I count each and everyone of you as a blessing when I give thanks and will do so doubly tomorrow!  Mwah!!


  1. Sorry you've had such a rough day. ((Hugs))

  2. You should ask him (in a calm tone)-

    "why didn't you give me a hug?"

  3. I have Blase; I have.

    And thanks for the compliment earlier! I needed that!

  4. We are here to be dumped on!! Its understandable that your stressed...all those kids running around in your house.......oh dear.......have a glass of wine for me, and have a verry Happy Thanksgiving.

  5. Can I just say, men, and I'm not pointing any fingers, are stupid. Sometimes.

  6. (((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))

    I know you can't really physically feel it, but I'm hugging you tight now!!!

    Hope tomorrow is better for you.

  7. Have a great big huge cross pond hug from your auntie xxxxx and be thankful that they will all go home :)

    I do empathise I am having the parents, the children, Hot Boy, Hot Boy's mum and sister, possibly 2 or 3 friends at Christmas and I have told everyone I have no intention of cooking from scratch, we either eat out or order in :)

  8. Ah, the family descends! It's always stressful for most people. Fortunately for me, I moved as far away as I could get after retirement, and if anyone comes to my home, they really have to want to travel a long ways. It's just the two of us for Thanksgiving. And I'm thankful for you, too, Gigi! Hang in there. Virtual hugs don't help all that much, but you're getting a lot of them!

  9. HUG.

    I know exactly what you mean by the house full of people. What I've taken to doing is looking around, trying to be quiet, if for only a couple seconds, and thinking, "someday, these people will be gone. someday, I am going to look back and remember only the smiling, the coats on the bed, the gravy..."

    Again: HUG. I have a similar man...



  10. I hope you've managed to have a less stressful day and had a chance to enjoy it. X

  11. Oh we have all been there! Hope the sweetness of the desserts helped!
    Happy belated Thanksgiving:)

  12. So, who won the oven battle?

    I think we all fix things in the way we want someone to help us feel better and maybe not realizing that the way to make us feel better isn't always the way to help someone else.

  13. I find it so much easier to tell my husband what I want/need. Men think much differently. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  14. I know what you mean about just wanting a hug!! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

  15. Oh, honey. I hope you've had a fabulous Thanksgiving! I know your pies were awesome and you no doubt conquered the battle of the ovens.

    What is it with guys and the fear of tears? They're supposed to be so fearless...and then they don't understand when their generic "it'll be okay" falls short.

    What baffles me is that we do tell them what we need...but either they have the memories of snails, or it's not important enough for them to remember.

    Gee, I'm not helping, am I? (I'd give you a hug if I were there, so consider yourself cyber-hugged. In a non-threatening, non-creepy kinda way.)

  16. I'm sorry.

    As for desserts, just run to the store and buy an already made one.

  17. Oooof. I know that feeling. I understand. I'd hug you if I was there. Sometimes a good cry helps de-stress. I hope you enjoyed the day a little. And next year when you'r asked to have Thanksgiving, say No. N.O. No. K?

  18. This is hilarious. It happens in our house all the time too. What is it with boys? They befuddle me!

    What kind of dessert did you end up making.

  19. Hope Thanksgiving turned out okay with all those people. It is stressful even without a crowd!