January 30, 2012

Dear Blogger.....where is MY bling? (or....the one where I post a blatant cry for help in hopes that SOMEONE at Blogger is listening)

So first you throw this no more Google Friends thing at us (which I am NOT happy about; a fact which you have obviously  ignored) and now apparently, you have a nifty new feature.  It's called threaded commenting....or something like that.

I first noticed it on Sunday over at Jerry's blog, Gently Said, and I wanted it.  Immediately.  Never mind the fact that I often don't play with my new features once they are out of the box.  I wanted it.  I NEEDED it.

I figured THIS would be the solution to those that comment but don't have their email connected (OR their blog linked - seriously? HOW do you expect to gain traffic if you don't at least have your profile linked?  Am I right?  Some of you are WordPressinians and your system is different.  To you I give a pass (just barely), but to the Blogger users?  You better have a darn good reason, dammit *stamps foot* to NOT have your blog linked - I can *almost* understand the email thing, but the lack of blog-linkage is inexcusable) so I can't respond unless I coerce or bribe them into giving me their email so I can bypass the whole noreply-comment@blogger.com thing.

So I fired off an email to Jerry with a list of demands questions about it.  And waited.  When he replied, I was downcast, but not deterred.

He informed me that this was a new Blogger feature and that one day it was *just there.*  WHAT?!  It wasn't *just there* for me!  So I did a little digging.  Do this, change that and viola!  THERE should be your threaded comments.....except they weren't.

I got nothing.  I am not happy, Blogger.  I WANT the shiny, new features (whether I utilize them or not) to "bling" my blog.

I read something about how this shiny, new feature may not work with "custom" templates....but, but, I DON'T have a custom template (insert whiny voice)!  Ever since my custom template got hacked I've stayed true to YOU; I've only used your Blogger-blessed template....so where is my shiny, new feature, huh?  What's a girl got to do to get this feature?  I've been ALL OVER the web looking for a solution (okay, okay, not ALL OVER the web, but I HAVE looked) and I got nothing.  So come on, Blogger, help a girl out....fix my problem and I'll love you forever, I promise.

And friends?  If any of you have a solution, I'll love YOU even more....especially if it doesn't involve html....or you can explain it in Gigi-ese....which basically means do it for me, pretty please.


  1. I don't think they're taking GFC away from us blogger users so you're safe there. Unless I'm wrong. As far as that other thing? I have no idea what you're talking about. I'm gonna go click on your link and look at it.

  2. Here's your answer...


    Hope it works for ya!

  3. I hear ya, Gigi.

    I've noticed the thread commenting feature on blogger friends' sites and have wondered how to get it. I seem to have the same issue as you. But I want the new features too!

    I wish that mine would pop up one day. Wait....that didn't sound right, did it?

  4. I feel your pain. I am So upset with Google now. I don't know what I'll do without GFC. And THEN Google decides to get rid of Picnik too? Bad Google. I hope you find the answer!

  5. I didn't know about this new comment thing because I switched commenting over to Disqus several months ago after having so many problems with Blogger. But @Vinobaby - I am absolutely heartbroken over Picnik closing as well!

    Good luck, Gigi - let us know if you figure it out!

  6. Mine just showed up! One day I had the option to reply to the comments. Its a nice feature. I hope yours shows up soon.

  7. Gigi, I understood this, may all things will be favorable to you.

  8. If you have a Blogspot blog, you get to keep Google Reader I think. If you switch to Wordpress, it's gone.

  9. Oh puleeze, I'm a blog idiot. I have no idea how anything works. I hire a person for that. However, you have a blogger blog, so I'm pretty sure you don't lose your Google Friend Connect.

  10. As a Luddite to the computer world I also hate change - particularly change I don't understand or approve of ... I am now going to stick my head back in the sand...

  11. I sure hope you find the help you need regarding your blog soon because you haven't blogged since January! What the...?! lol