January 19, 2012

Guess what today is?

My twenty-first wedding anniversary.

Guess who forgot - completely and totally?


Not hubby.

That would be me.  The VERY bad wife.

*sigh*  Apparently, this will be my MO for the year.  So far, I've forgotten, not one but TWO of my very good friend's birthdays.  And now this.  The shame, the shame.

This kind of behavior from a woman who, not so very long ago, could recite - in order - every birthday or event to be celebrated for the entire year.  I hang my head in shame.  I've GOT to pull it together.

I could say that my life is soooo hectic and chaotic that I simply can't remember EVERYTHING.  But, in truth?  It's not.  Lately, it's been rather quiet.

Maybe my mind is just in chaos?  Yeah, I think that is what I'll go with....I've had far too much on my mind to remember it all.

But just in case it doesn't cut it in the excuse department, someone PLEASE remind me that I have an important birthday of (another) dear friend to remember next month.....if I could only recall the day....

Dammit.  It IS going to be a year of missed events.



  1. It's call senioritis, it's what happens to us the last year our babies are babies. You're excused!

  2. Oh my gosh - you just described ME! I used to be so on top of things - birthdays, anniversaries, thank you notes. Now - I don't know what it is, but I cannot remember anything.

    Although, I haven't forgotten my own anniversary...yet.

    Happy Anniversary!!

  3. Oh, Happy Anniversary! I'm a bad friend :(

  4. Happy Anniversary!

    You're still to young to suffer from senioritis... unless you're suffering from MC being a senior, which could definitely cause lapses in brain function.

  5. Happy anniversary!!! My husband and I BOTH forgot our anniversary one year. My mom finally called to wish me a happy anniversary--"Oh, that's right!"

  6. Firstly, Happy Anniversary!

    Secondly, don't worry too much about forgetting. You are only a woman, after all.

    Thirdly, if 'hubby' had forgotten you anniversary, how long would it take for him to get back into your good books? If at all!

  7. Tut tut! Happy anniversary :) It's my anniversary today too, just 5 years for us and we both remembered! x

  8. happy anniversary!
    I ALWAYS forget mine.

  9. I know I'm a day late. I DID read this last night, but it was fast approaching my bedtime and I HAD to go to sleep. 5:45 comes way to quickly for me.

    Happy, Happy Anniversary! 21 years- very impressive!!!!

    Don't worry about forgetting, after 21 years how can you possibly be expected to remember one single day on the calendar out of 365 (366 this year)?!

    By the way- my birthday is Nov. 27th. If you know it's Thanksgiving then you know my birthday is somewhere within 7 days of that date. You're welcome. :)

  10. Last year I forgot Derek & I's dating anniversary. We just go out for ice cream that day and I was adamant that we do that to celebrate. And then I forgot. But it's OK because I don't think Derek noticed the look of panic on my face when he was talking about it - I clued in.

    Happy be-lated anniversary!

  11. I say let yourself off the hook. Right?

    That's what I'm going to do one of these days - just drop it all. All at once.


    And Happy Anniversary to you!

    :-D Anna

  12. You need a good calendar, honey! Something with bells and chimes and links to the major department stores!!

    p.s. And Happy Anniversary. :-)

  13. It's so nice to know that there are OTHER people who are human in the world.

    Those perfect people can suck it.

  14. LOL Maybe it's just a good excuse to go shopping for a really cute calender:)

  15. That's why I rejoice in my reputation of blonde airhead...no-one has any expectation of me remembering anything...it's fab...

  16. If I bring my mathematical skills to bear...lets see, married 21 years and you are only 29...aha. A child bride!

    Caught ya'!