May 9, 2012

Apparently, I'm easily amused.

I am not a photographer.  I've admitted this MANY times.

And since I'm not a photographer, I don't do much editing with my photos (I know, I should be ashamed; but I'm not).

But yesterday, I was working on Man-Child's graduation party invites (I know I said a few posts back that I was going to send them last weekend but.....well, it didn't happen.  No excuses.  It just didn't).  Since I had decided to send them via email (again, I KNOW.  But I really don't have the time or money to send printed ones) I needed to upload the photo to a web-site (don't ask me why; all I know is it took me forever to figure out that was the only way I'd be able to embed the picture into the body of the email) and since I already have a Google account I uploaded the picture to Picasa.

Little did I know that this would provide me lots of amusement.....and lots of lost productivity (sssh! Don't tell my boss).

So for your entertainment, in no particular order, without further ado here are some of the results.

How YOU doin......?

What his opponents saw when they met him on the field, I'm sure.

Howdy, padnah!

He could never go undercover - it's too hilarious to contemplate

Why yes, I AM half-Italian - how'd you know?
Man-Child's response upon seeing the results?  A smile, with the shake of the head and the comment, "APPARENTLY, you have too much time on your hands!"

Yes, apparently I do.  But mostly?  Mostly, I like putting mustaches on babies.....especially if he's mine!

I'm innocent, I tell you!  Innocent!
Funny, he's also forbidden me from adding these to Facebook.....I can't imagine why.


  1. What fun! And yes, it does look like maybe just a teeny bit too much time on your hands... Made me laugh. :-)

  2. LOL Appparently I'm easily amused too! Love them. Now I must go play with photoshop!

  3. Haha, the last one is my favourite!!

  4. Hahaha... these are great!

  5. Bwhahahahahaha. You are an editing genius. I can't imagine why you can't put them on FB though. *shrug shoulders*

  6. those are great. Ive never used my picasa, but Im gonna have to try it.

  7. Ha Ha!! I love it - and if it makes you feel any better, I apparently have way too much time on my hands too. I love playing with photo editing. I've never used picasa - I may have to try it out. My favorite (right now) is picmonkey.

  8. LOL! Too cute! My favorite is the one showing his chunky little legs! lol
    Graduation - that time already, huh?

  9. Moustaches on babies is just good fun. :-)


  10. The first one is still my fave:)