May 15, 2012

The Merry, Merry Month of May (.....or as I like to call it The Month of Mayhem)

Look at him....

How DARE he look so happy and elated about the prospect of finishing high school and actually leaving his mother home!*

After all I we have done for him he should be in TEARS at the thought of leaving me us.  He has not an ounce of empathy I tell you; not ONE ounce.

As THE day draws ever closer I find myself in a fog.  So much to do; so little time.

Early, early, early this morning found me frantically assembling and addressing envelopes for the announcements that should have been sent LAST week.  Finally, after dealing with that little intrusion called a J. O. B, I finished assembling, stuffing and addressing the announcements this evening.  I have charged Hubby with the mission of getting them into the United States Postal system first thing tomorrow morning.  And by "first thing" I mean as soon as they open the doors!

Still no "real" ideas for the graduation doesn't help that eight hours or more of my day is dedicated to that J. O. B.  The graduation party, which will have no other graduates attending, by the way.  My son has decreed that this shall be a party at which only family and family friends will attend.  Which means none of his friends will be here - which, although our friends will love the chance to celebrate, makes me wonder what is the point?!

Seeing as I'm in such a panic, I've decided to take next week off for preparation.  Well this, of course, brings on the panic of getting everything related to the J. O. B. done THIS week to ensure that NEXT week is smooth sailing for the bosses.  Which also ensures that the FOLLOWING week will also include mayhem from anything that spills over....and it always does.

So for the remainder of tonight?  I have decided that I need some wine and to hit the bed EXTRA early because methinks tomorrow (and the remainder of the week) is gonna be a bear.

* And, for the love of Mike, can someone PLEASE explain where these extra paragraph breaks are coming from?!  But, on the plus side, I FINALLY got my blog bling to work, I think....


  1. No friends?! What is that about? The good news is that since it is family and family friends you don't need to go "all out" on the decorations. Get a few things in the school colors and call it a day. Also, maybe you could convince them to make it pot-luck. *grin*

    You're right, he shows no remorse in that picture. Either you've done a good job of raising him and he's ready to fly the coop, or he is a sadistic, black-hearted teenager rubbing his new-found freedom in your face.

    Good luck with that J.O.B. thing. One of the perks of subbing- I can say no. Sometimes anyways.

    I have full confidence you'll get it all done, but a glass of wine and an early bedtime certainly can't hurt.

  2. Invite his friends!!!!!

    Personally, I think you must have done a fabulous job and that is why he is looking forward to getting an education and buying you expensive gifts...... thank you for all you have done.

  3. Ah, if only Mary and I were there to help! Graduation-party serving is our specialty!


  4. I do not envy you the next period of time, but I will be the beneficiary of some good stories, methinks! :-)

  5. You'll do fine with it all. Just think, when this graduation party is over, you'll have just a few short years to plan the college graduation party!

  6. He looks so handsome. I just burst out into tears for you GiGi! How can this be? How can this possibly be????

  7. My middle daughter graduates from University in July and then she will be coming back home, so I can't wait and luckily I don't have to worry about a party!

  8. It passes so fast doesn't it? Remember when he was born and older women would tell you how fast time would pass and you didn't believe it because you were so sleep deprived it felt like it was lasting forever? Here we are, they were right. I'll raise a glass to MC and the wonderful woman who will always be first in his life.

  9. I actually told my mom to forget about the announcements when I graduated high school. I figured it would save us money and it's not like i NEEDED them. lol

    If you need help with party ideas, feel free to get in touch. I started a blog (i swear more posts are coming soon) about parties for adults, and i'm a bit on the party planning spree. LOL