May 17, 2012

Because SOME day someone, somewhere will thank me for this...maybe

One day last week, Man-Child came home from school all kinds of irritated.  Apparently, his Botany/Zoology teacher had assigned a project.  One that was due yesterday.

This had put MC in a snit because, in his mind, WHAT kind of teacher assigns a project at the very end of the school year?  AND because of the scope of the project.

Apparently, they are in the Zoology portion of the class and were studying insects (fun, I know!) so the teacher put names of various insects on slips of paper and had the kids draw the slips.

MC drew "fly."

The assignment?  To create an edible replica of a fly.

And it couldn't be sweets (i.e., I couldn't make a cake and, somehow, decorate it to look like a fly).

Personally?  Personally, I think this particular teacher just likes to eat the fruits of his students (or their parents) labor.  Because this is, at least, the second or third edible project that he's assigned this year.

Also?  Let me tell you, if you Google the terms "how to make an edible replica of a fly"  (or any variation thereof) you will NOT get any decent results.  In fact, the top two results seem to have something to do with the world's largest replica of an ancient Mayan temple made out of chocolate.

Emmmm, now I want some chocolate.....even if it did resemble a fly!

Well, since my mad, somewhat questionable, cake decorating skills were out and my awesome ability to Google anything was a bust I did what any self-respecting mother would do.  I threw up my hands in defeat and left it to MC and Hubby to figure out.

Which, really? Is only fair.  Since for the past twelve plus years I have been the driving force behind most of the projects that have graced our home.

That's right folks.  I walked away.

Apparently, so did MC.  Because THIS beauty was pretty much the sole creation of Hubby.

Please ignore the ladder and junk in the background.  This was taken in the garage by people who
are even MORE inexperienced with a camera than I am.

I have to admit, it was sheer genius on Hubby's part.  Even if I did burst into laughter upon opening the fridge to find this lurking in there.

So, here's what he did.

He made his "almost-famous" beer butt chicken (no, I do NOT know how he does it, so please don't ask for the recipe.  All I know, is that he has some special holder that the open can of beer goes into and then he impales the chicken on top of it and it comes out of the oven tasting like manna from heaven.  Seriously.) using extra spices to try and make the chicken as dark as possible.

He then took a styrofoam ball and wrapped it in tinfoil and somehow attached it to the chicken.  Using toothpicks to anchor them, he used black olives for eyes.

For the wings, he cut some white plastic mesh that he found at Michael's into the desired shape (which you can't quite see in the picture) and attached them to the chicken wings.

And viola!

There you have an edible replica of a fly.

Is it just me, or does this alien-fly look like he's saying, "C'mon, punk!  Make my day!" while grinning maniacally?

(You're welcome to whomever may need an edible replica of a fly!)

Which was apparently VERY tasty, as nothing made its way back home.....not even the carcass.  I'm told that the teacher is generous enough to share with the class, at least.

Here's hoping Hubby gets an "A" on this.....if not for presentation than for pure yummy-ness.


  1. Ingenious.

    Except I can't help but wonder how this would be a learning experience as far as learning about insects. A weird Home Ec Class I could see, but while studying insects?!


  2. Did it at least attract a fly of the insect variety? Hubby did an excellent job and I give him BEYOND an A+ for creativity... and another A+ for beer butt chicken. That stuff is SOOOOOO good!

  3. I am wondering about this teacher. Is he somehow driven by unknown desires, such as to eat usually inedible things such as flies? Ewww! :-)

  4. This is the only way I am making chicken from now on.


  5. That is ingenious!

    And that teacher sounds like an ass. I hate "projects" like that!!

  6. My first thought...what the heck is he doing assigning a project like that at the end of the year to SENIORS?! They have checked-out. School is no longer a blip on their radar. *rolling eyes*

    Secondly, good job to the hubs. Very creative!

  7. Oh that is hilarious, I wonder if the teacher ate it?!

  8. I am not sure how I found this blog most likey through another blog. I will now have to add it to my favorites. Oh and if your son ever has another project like this assigned to him which would scare me, I say google preschool and kindergarten lesson plans on insects. I am a kindergarten teacher and I am sure at some point I have created something "edible" to reflect what we were learing!

  9. Your husband is brilliant! And I hope he got a good grade! :)