June 3, 2012

You Decide 2012

This is a huge, HUGE decision people.  Yes, it's even bigger than the upcoming presidential election .

I need your help.  The time draws near.  The time......

to color my hair.

(I told you it was huge!)

Recently, I've been sporting a lighter shade.  And I liked it.  At least when I looked in the bathroom mirror it seemed fine.

Until I downloaded the most recent pictures of me.  Then I wasn't so sure anymore.  Because, as we all know, pictures don't lie.

So I turned to my "fashion" consultants for advice.....Man-Child and Hubby.  They looked at me like I had two heads and shrugged.

For illustrative purposes, I pulled up two pictures of me with different hair colors side by side on the computer and demanded asked again.

Man-Child, who learned his lessons well at his father's knee about answering questions of the "do these pants make me look fat" caliber bravely responded that he couldn't see a difference.

Hubby, in a bid - for once - to be helpful, responded that they both looked great.

Hmmph!  "Fashion" consultants indeed!

So I turn to you, dear people of the Internet.  Help me decide this dilemma.  Darker?  Or lighter?

Ignore the squinty eyes and the shiny skin - those are a figment of your imagination.  Also, ignore the fact that, apparently on both days I was having a so-so hair day.

Me, myself, am thinking that I must somehow rid myself of squinty eyes and shiny skin before I can even begin to think about hair color......

Although the lighter color does disguise the few grays I have, I have to say, I think the darker color suits me better....as does the the angle in that picture.

So what say YOU, people of the Internet?  Help a girl out.


  1. Darker. You could go darker with low lights. That would be very pretty.

  2. I like it darker, I think it makes you look younger. I have also recently gone light to disguise my not so few grays. Mine is more of a light brown, dark blonde so it is more forgiving between dye jobs, but after seeing yours, I'm missing my dark hair! And whats with the shiny skin? I didn't know that came back when you were older. My face is like a damn oil slick,so what makeup do I buy- oil control, which does nothing for the wrinkles or makeup for mature skin that hides the wrinkles with extra moisturizer leaving me with extra shine. Oh the dilemna's we fabulous women face.

  3. What's wrong with your natural color? Isn't it strange that when we are younger we pay righteous bucks to have our hair highlighted. Then as we get older we pay righteous bucks to cover up the highlights that happen naturally.

  4. I also like the darker color. I think you look good in both of them, really! But the darker color is my favorite, and I don't have to justify it, do I? :-)

  5. My (natural) hair color is the same as yours - although I do have reddish highlights in the sun. I HAVE to color mine now, otherwise I'd look about 75 with all the gray hairs my kids have caused. I get my roots done in a dark brown - the natural color, and get caramel colored highlights. I love it. I hate highlights that look blonde - mine look natural (ish).

    So, long story short, I think darker but with highlights.

    (PS. You're beautiful in both the pics!!)

  6. I agree Gigi, go with the dark! You are gorgeous either way (and I didn't notice the shiny skin) but I think dark hair makes us look ~looking around to make sure nobody is listening to this~...younger.

  7. Darker, works with your skin tone better. And my hair is dark too, so you know, great minds and all that....

  8. When you get old, you will truly miss that shiny skin. The darker hair is truer to your natural skin tone. While the lighter hair is pretty in itself, it looks fake alongside your glowingly olive tinted skin.

  9. I think you look younger with the darker colour, but I think something in between the two shades would be nice too!

  10. darker looks more natural, you could always do the darker with warm highlights....or maybe a color in between the two.