June 27, 2012

Because he does things like THIS is the reason I HAVE to do it all....because he can't do it right

Since Hubby has been out of work he has been trying to help out around the house.

This is a good thing, I guess.

BUT.....(you knew there had to be a "but" in there, didn't you?) there are some things that are just best left to me; like laundry.  Because even though I DESPISE laundry and used to randomly turn his underwear pink (which may explain why he changed his preferred underwear choices years ago...TMI, I know but I just made the connection!  Yes, sometimes I am a little slow to catch on), I am the expert when compared to HIM.

Another one of these became glaringly obvious last week when Hubby decided to change the sheets for me.  What a lovely gesture, right?

He has already taken it upon himself to make the bed every morning which necessitated the conversation of the proper placement of the pillows.  He seemed to understand.

Until he changed the sheets.

Apparently, once he changed the sheets and the pillowcases came off the pillows he lost ALL sense of which pillow belonged where.

Not to say that I have kept the same pillowcases on all this time (because that would be gross!) - but when I change the sheets I make sure the pillowcases are color coordinated, yet different, to keep them in the proper order.

So for the past week, I have been re-arranging the pillows - all of which were covered in the exact same cases - every night without saying a word.  Because he went to the extra effort just to save me from doing it.

Even though, there is a CLEAR order to where the pillows belong.  The firm one on the bottom, because that is the one I lay my head on.  The floppy one goes in the middle, because that's the one I use to hold (or smother him with if his snores get too loud).  The semi-floppy one goes on top because that's the one I use to keep my knees from touching (no, that is NOT weird!  I'm a side sleeper and this is a real issue.  Ask ANY side sleeper and they will tell you it's true). And then the decorative pillows go on top of all that.  Why yes, my bed is rather full of pillows.  But that's okay.  He also uses three pillows because his hiatal hernia - so it all evens out....although he doesn't care which order his pillows are in; the weirdo; so it's not like the bed is lopsided or anything.

But the kicker to this story?  When I stripped the bed on Sunday (which is the day that the bedsheets AND the pillowcases get changed weekly) I discovered the true source of all my discomfort this past week.

Hubby had kinda-sorta short-sheeted the bed.

Instead of putting the blanket on length-wise he'd put it on side-ways.  Which explained why I hadn't been able to pull the covers up to my chin all week.  It also was glaringly apparent that the man has no CLUE about hospital corners.

And because of that, in addition to being banned from doing the laundry, he is now no longer allowed to change the sheets.

No, I am NOT crazy or obsessive.....I don't care what he claims.  Having your bed made correctly is a perfectly normal and sane expectation.....right? 


  1. Hahaha... I hear you and feel the same way! It's strange how hubby has lived with me for 36 years and still doesn't grasp the simple stuff that drives me out of my mind. How do they live with us and not know the basics???

  2. Yet another reason I'm single and live alone. Well, that and I'm just a bitch, but I'm ok with that!

  3. My hubby is the one who changes the sheets. He feels I can't do it right, and I don't try to change his mind. I am a side sleeper and I have a pillow that I use for between my knees and can't get to sleep without it! :-)

  4. My dad is the one who taught me how to make a bed properly, but I don't think Chris could do it to my satisfaction. In fact, I don't think he would notice if I NEVER changed the sheets. Yuck.

  5. Ha! I love it because I am the same way! Seriously, I have different colors on our pillows so I can tell which are mine and which are his - because he is always taking my pillows. He thinks I'm crazy that I can tell a difference. Well, duh! And the only one allowed near my bed to help change sheets is my daughter because she is the only one able to grasp the concept of a hospital corner.

    Still...it was sweet of your hubby to make the effort!

  6. Ha! But as you said, at least he tried? So there is that!

  7. He gave it a good try! My hubby always has me help him change the sheets and make the bed.

  8. I have the pillow for between my knees too - it's better for back alignment too! Derek calls it my "crotch pillow". Lovely, I know.

  9. He seems very, very clever to me.
    My husband puts dishes in the dishwasher and I always switch them around. I do not know if my way makes any more sense, but I can't leave them be. I never let him see me do it.

  10. LOL! Girl, you are a trip, but that's why I keep coming back to your blog...I read so much of myself in your posts! My hubby will make the bed some mornings and I just go right behind him (after he leaves for work) and make it over. smh... Yes, the gesture is very sweet, but if you want something done right, do it yourself! LOL!