March 1, 2013

And these are the Days of Our Lives....

Remember how I told you that Hubby was insisting that we put the house on the market, sell it and get rid of that mountain of debt?

Well, after that post, and carefully considering your responses - I decided that I needed to look to the future.  Embrace it even.

And though I haven't followed through with Pearl's suggestion to have a wake...yet (my God, woman, you are a genius!).  I did begin to look forward to the future.  And even began to get a bit excited about it.  So, for the past two weekends, and every spare moment in between, I've been scouting out houses and neighborhoods.

And although, I must admit, it's depressing as hell to go out and discover that the cute little bungalow with great curb appeal costs more than what any sane person would be willing to spend AND would also need serious money spent on updates (not to mention, either I'd have to share *shudder* a closet with Hubby or relegate his closet to somewhere else in the house....because, dammit, I refuse to share a closet with him ever again!); still I went with ENTHUSIASM.

So earlier this week, I mentioned to Hubby that I'd been looking at houses; only for him to respond with something along the lines of "Well, I won't just GIVE this house away, you know.  I will only sell for the right price.  *grumble, gripe and groan about something or other...." (I don't know, I quit listening after a while, if the truth be told).

And then it dawned on me....he doesn't want to move just yet either.  This was further solidified when we had a random conversation about when (note, not IF, but WHEN) we hit the lottery (because OF COURSE we will...eventually.  I mean, really.  You can't "win it if you aren't in it..." Am I right?) all the wonderful things we can do to this place.

So maybe we are still here for awhile - maybe not.  But either way, I think I'm okay with it.  And?  I'm prepared to throw one hell of a wake should we sell. are all invited.  It will be AMAZING....I promise.


  1. That Pearl... she is a brilliant one isn't she! I'm right there with you, not ready to move. Course this house is just right financially for us, just not psychically... I just need one more room... and TONY has the only closet in the house. *cough, cough...hoarder, cough*

    It's all good darlin'

  2. Being fine with either decision is the perfect way to be. Whatever happens happens and your world will still be good. Oh and I'm coming to that wake. You just let me know when.

  3. I think moving is a big decision, with good and bad stuff part of the process. I do hope it's a while before you move, and I hope you NEVER have to share a closet with hubby. I don't either, and I couldn't bear it. :-)

  4. I'm feeling the same about my house right now, should I stay or should I go? Decisions, decisions. I'm going out right now to buy a new outfit and shoes for the wake- priorities!