March 28, 2013

Can you say FIVE day weekend??

Yes, you read that right - I said FIVE, not four but FIVE, day weekend.

My company is generous with their paid holidays (we have Good Friday AND Easter Monday off - along with a bunch of other Friday/Monday combos); so those of us who are savvy with our vacation time usually take advantage of the situation.  And I am one of those savvy individuals.

And what shall I be doing with all this precious time off?  Well, very little of it will be sleeping in as much as I'd like, I can tell you that.

Tomorrow shall begin bright and early and will most likely find me headed off to the local Sears Repair place (or whatever the official name is) to try and replace a piece that has been missing from my dishwasher since about January!

As you might surmise, obviously the dishwasher still works without the part, otherwise the part would have been procured LONG before now; but still; it must be dealt with since I can't look at this much longer.

Just LOOK at those sharp edges.  It's a miracle I haven't sliced a finger right off by now.

To be fair, I HAVE tried to replace this part online.  But guess how impossible that task becomes when you discover that the model number of said dishwasher was on a paper label that was stuck on the inside of the door?

The nice words (versus the ones I actually used) to sum up that particular situation - pretty impossible.  Especially after four years or so of continuous use.

So after a four day battle with the Sears online part place I was finally able to return the part that didn't fit.  And THAT is why I have to start my day off at the Sears Part Place tomorrow.  So that if I order the wrong part again, THEY will have to deal with returning it. The lesson here?  As soon as you acquire a new appliance, write down the damn model number somewhere.

Following this lovely adventure, I then have to jump in my car (the one with not one, but TWO, wonky tires - pray for me) and head up the mountain to procure my boy (which equals a four hour round trip, which also equals most of the day GONE - but I do it all out of love).  The one who so nicely hinted around that he'd like a ride home for the holiday weekend.

Just how can you say no to that?  Even with the atrocious grammar and misspelling?

After landing back at the house I will collapse in a fit of exhaustion.

Only to wake up on Saturday to begin the scramble to clean the house for company, get all the errands run (i.e., buy the Easter goodies) AND somehow have those two wonky tires fixed before Sunday's Easter festivities.

Sunday will be busy - it goes without saying.

Monday?  Monday will be my lone day of respite.  Maybe.  We cannot neglect to take into account of the fact that Man-Child will be home and wanting attention.  Somehow, I have a feeling that Monday will not be so restful.

And then on Tuesday, it will be back in the car to head up - and eventually, back down - the mountain which will find me collapsing in another fit of exhaustion.

Only to wake up on Wednesday ready to go back to work so that I can relax.  Until I actually get there.

Then I will be inundated by all that needs to be done there and I will immediately begin to think about the weekend.

It's a never-ending cycle, I tell ya.

May you all have a very happy Easter!


  1. Maybe you should just go to work, it might be more restful!

  2. You just reminded me why I am so happily retired from the workaday world. :-)

  3. I hope your Easter weekend is going beautifully! I am so excited you have tomorrow off also. That is awesome!

  4. So it's back to work tomorrow? How was your break? I haven't been to work since last Thursday because of Easter break and now state standardized testing so the teachers have to be there or walk the plank. I'm getting stuff accomplished! (Sorry to turn this comment into something all about me.)