April 19, 2013

Hell has frozen over....

Yesterday, I received this text....

Until I received the answer....

Apparently, he's just hungry...but at least he's smart enough to put the "Because I miss yall" [sic] first.

I never said I raised a dumb child.  No, he's smart this one.

As I have obviously agreed to go (how could I not; particularly with everything that is going on?  I really need to hug my boy right about now), he then went a bit further.  Much further than I EVER expected from my reticent child; when he followed up with a phone call today - wherein he asked me to stay over - in his dorm! - AND maybe meet some of his friends.

You could have knocked me over with a feather.

Usually, when I'm asked for a visit, it's just for the day - mainly to treat him to a lunch out - and then I am sent merrily on my way. Nicely, of course, but still....

While it remains to be seen as to whether I'll stay the night, you can be SURE I'll take him up on the offer of meeting his friends.

Although my friend, Kathryn, has given me EXPLICIT instructions on how not to embarrass him....

I'm sure I'll fail...somehow.  How could I not?  I AM a mom after all.


  1. That is awesome. :) If I have seen anything within all of this, it's that no matter where you are, you want to be around family. As much as they drove me crazy this week, I was glad they were home with me.

  2. Awe! I need you to give me your handbook 'cause I want the kinds of invites when my boys up and leave the nest.

  3. You are so fortunate to have a young man who loves you so much that he is definitely missing you, and realizing it! Stay, Gigi, and have fun. :-)

  4. Mine have been grown for years and I'm still an embarrassment, except when they want something, then they can be fairly tolerant.