April 9, 2013

The back deck is back in business.

Ever since last weekend the weather has been perfect here in the Carolina's.  And I mean perfect.  Too bad I was on the receiving end of a cold this past weekend and that I have a pesky thing called a "job" which have both interfered with me enjoying the weather as much as I should have.

But here I am, feeling almost 100%, back where I belong...on the back deck, enjoying the weather while reading blogs and otherwise cruising along the Information Super Highway (aka, the 'Net).

I love Spring.  Particularly, since we've moved here; it just seems more evident than it did back home.  When I left the house this morning I noticed that the Eastern Red Bud trees were just about ready to pop; only to come home this evening and discover that they are just about in full bloom.

Of course, Spring also brings ferocious allergies....but we won't worry about that just now.

For now, we will just enjoy the birds singing, the sun, the warm weather and all the beauty that is about ready to "spring" forward.

My phlox....which never fails to make me smile

The tulips that were a surprise, since I forgot I planted them, ignore the weeds...I haven't gotten around to them yet.

The azaleas which are just beginning to bud.

The.....whatever this is (I can never remember) but it's so soft  and spreads like wildfire - let's just ignore the leaves and dead stuff, shall we?
The Rose of Sharon that is just beginning to think about blooming.
So, if we ignore all the weeds, leaves and dead stuff that needs to be removed - it looks like Spring is here.  And, despite the onset of allergies any day now, I'm am one happy camper.

How's it looking in your neck of the woods?


  1. Our daffodils are just blooming now. The Phlox won't be up for another month or so. But I did notice the lavender in the back is starting to get buds *squee!!* :)

  2. Love those phlox? I didn't know what they were called. Now, we just need some sunshine!

  3. I am jealous of your weather. We're supposed to get freezing rain tomorrow.

  4. I wish we had some proper sun. The only thing blooming is the daffodils. I'm gonna get me some of that phlox- does it spread and cover all!


  5. I went to the tulip festival in Skagit Valley on Monday. It was a stunner, as everything is in bloom in my neck of the woods. I sure like your pictures, and the leaves and other stuff add interest. :-)

  6. Spring is slow to come in Utah, but it's starting to peek out.