July 15, 2013

I swear, it's one thing after another around here

I shouldn't even be typing this because it was my first day back to work after TWELVE days of being off - which means that I'm dead on my feet....but here I am.

The lawn mower crapped out before I went on vacation - apparently, it has rained non-stop here every single day that I was gone - and that's not even counting all the days of rain before I left.  According to the paper, we have had an unheard of 12.5 inches of rain since June 1st.  Which mean the yard is out of control.  Which, in turn, means that Hubby is slightly crabby every time he catches a glimpse of the yard, which, if you must now, is every time he looks out the window.

Also, before I went on vacation, the internet in this house started acting up.  I kept telling Hubby to turn the router off and then on; that would fix the problem.  Only it didn't.

So one afternoon I spent a delightful (not) twenty minutes on hold trying to reach someone at AT&T to help me fix the problem.  Eventually, I connected with a very nice (really) young man who did whatever it is he can do from his computer to determine that the problem wasn't with "the line" but that it was something inside the house (cue the scary music).

After a bit of troubleshooting, we discovered that the connection to the phone outlet was loose.  He informed me that since I have paid extra (so that explains why our phone bill is so high) I could opt to have a technician come and replace it for me for free.  Seeing as it was a Saturday and figuring I wouldn't get anyone out here until a Monday, at least, I determined that I could easily replace the phone outlet and we'd be good to go.  Easy-peasey.

Until I got home with the new phone outlet, unscrewed the old one and realized that "holy cow; there were wires behind that face plate!"

See?! Wires!!

Not only that, the color of the wires on the old outlet and the new outlet didn't match.  And, about that time, I began to realize that this would involve electricity.  So, wisely, I opted to wait until Hubby came home to deal with the whole switching the outlets thing.

Somehow, he knew how to figure out how the different color wires went and we were back in business.

Or so we thought.

Despite the new phone outlet that securely held in the router wires we continued to have issues; apparently the entire time I was gone.  Did someone think to call AT&T back to have someone come out?  No, someone did not.

So today, I went back to work - blissfully ignorant of the whole "we are still having problems with the internet issue" until I came home.  And the damn internet was out AGAIN!

In a fit of pique, I snatched - well, that's not quite accurate as it implies it was an easy process....actually what I did was disentangle all the router wires from the phone wires and whatever other wires and moved the router to a completely different outlet (yes, I may have been thinking that Hubby didn't connect the wires properly in the first place).

And everything was working fine.  And then, I started working on this post.  And all I wanted to do was embed that little picture up above.  And I got an error...the internet connection was lost.

And then I cursed, long and loudly.

So now, even though it seems like I currently have internet access, guess who will be calling AT&T tomorrow - and spending an ungodly amount of time on the phone trying to reach a human - to have someone come out a replace their crappy router?

And so, without further ado (i.e., before I lose the connectivity again) I suppose I should just forget about telling you about the faulty screen door on the back porch which is letting in random, unsuspecting birds who get trapped OR about the kitchen sink which, for some unknown reason, is leaking randomly OR about how Man-Child's car has started randomly spewing gallons of transmission fluid AND the window is permanently stuck in the down position - necessitating that he use plastic constantly to cover the window because of all the damn rain we've been having.....  No, I suppose now would be the time to hit publish.

All while repeating to myself - "tomorrow will be better."


  1. Awe geeze, when it rains it pours. Pour figuratively and literally. I hope it all gets worked out soon- and on the cheap side!

  2. You are pretty darn smart, figuring all that out and getting this post actually UP with a picture, no less. Hope you get that taken care of tomorrow without any further problem, Gigi. Welcome back to the world of not being on vacation. :-)

  3. Dear God, that sounds horrific. I'm impressed with your perseverance though. I think ?I'd have given in and opened the wine at the first sign of trouble.

  4. Both of our mowers are out of commission so I understand completely. One is is the shop for the 2nd time. My internet is through my phone company and they just sent me another router and I was good to go! :)Hope things get better for you.

  5. Yikes! Good luck!

    And I so hate it taking so long in talking to a human these days. Ugh. I usually start screaming, "PERSON PERSON PERSON!" It's always amusing when someone comes on the line while I'm shouting like a maniac.

  6. It will be better tomorrow is often my mantra. Seriously. FOr a while I had it on my laptop as a post it.