July 7, 2013

Packed (almost) and ready to go....

Minus the few last minute details, I'm all packed up and ready for my few days away.

Not much has been going on since my last post as I've still been in recovery mode from whatever nasty germ felled me two Thursdays ago.  If I didn't know better I would claim that it had been the flu - it was that bad and recovery has been slow.  Today was the first day that I didn't have to stop and rest after any major activity nor did I need any medication other than the usual allergy doses.  But the nasty cough is still here - though fading - and I'm hoping that spending time in the sun while lazing on the beach takes care of that in quick order.

Speaking of lazing on the beach, Man-Child looked at my bathing suit and cried, "People are going to be oogling my mother!  You should have bought something that covered you from neck to ankle!"  I had to laugh.  I informed him that oogling wasn't a word, that maybe the word he was searching for was "ogling" and that, if anything, people would most likely take one glimpse, slap their hands over their face and scream "My eyes! My eyes!"  He didn't buy it.

We head out tomorrow morning - semi-bright and early.  I had planned on leaving pretty early, but when I went back and looked at the reservation confirmation I realized that check in isn't until 4:00 pm!  So now I figure if we leave semi-early, we will roll into town in time for a late lunch and do some sightseeing until it's time to check in.

Man-Child has informed me that he plans to sleep in the car for the entire 4 1/2 hour drive - somehow I believe him.  He has also informed me that we are to play miniature golf every single night - like we used to when he was smaller and we went on our little trips.  This made me smile.  It tells me that he has very fond memories of his childhood and wants to keep as many of the "traditions" alive as possible.

I will most likely bring my little computer with me and will try to check in when possible.  But odds are good that there won't be much screen time.  And I can almost guarantee that pictures, if any, will be posted via Twitter - so if you aren't on Twitter and have no immediate plans to join then you will have to wait for any updates until I get home.

Have a wonderful week and I'll "see" you all soon; hopefully minus the cough and with a nice, healthy "glow!"


  1. Good luck with the trip and the cough. Mine is hanging on with a vengeance and wearing me out!

    I'm not a twitter fan, so I'll see you when you get back. Enjoy!

  2. Ah if only my kids would promise to sleep for entire car journeys! Have a lovely break x

  3. Glad you are finally on the mend and will be allowing the guys to "oogle" you in your new bathing suit while you get your glow on. :-)

  4. Awe, I LOVE that Man child is so excited about this trip and wants to relive his childhood memories. And to be worried that his mom will look hot in her bathing suit...that is AWESOME!!!

    Have a great time, soak up the sun, and enjoy every single second.

  5. You're a bigger man than I, Gunga Din. (Or something like that.) I don't think I've put on a bathing suit in, oh, 70 years or so!

    Heading out this weekend myself. Duluth for a brew fest. :-)